Friday, September 17, 2004


Hi Friends!

Oh Indeed I must Gloat

As you know I have been a passionate advocate for some time now on the sex trade issue.
Recently, XtraWest, the organizationally and gay owned newspaper that prints in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver has been attempting to change the bawdy house section of the criminal code. Interestingly, XtraWest said in its calls to remove the bawdy house section of the criminal code that they wanted the law to stay as it was in relation to prostitution. They felt there was safety and more complex health issues around prostitution that needed to be examined. But they wanted the indecency section to be re-moved as they felt it criminalizes their sex acts in public places. In fact, continuously for a year they have been running an online petition and getting nowhere.

Well one week ago, myself and six other prominent advocates for prostitution law reform met with Federal Cabinet Ministers Stephen Owen and Claudette Bradshaw. Our mission was to inform them how the bawdy house and communicating laws has hurt sex trade workers. In fact, Ministers Owen and Bradshaw agreed to get a ruling to us in 30 days on whether our prostitution laws were constitutional.

As many of you are aware, in the latest three issues of the Vancouver Sun paper, they also recognize the need to address prostitution safety and are calling for the reform of our prostitution laws.

Here is where I must gloat. XtraWest paper, who you might think would be progressive on issues relating to the sex trade, instead promoted a regressive policy against sex trade workers. And little ole me, as a marginal sex worker managed to get a meeting with two top ranking cabinet ministers where I was able to inform them how the current laws place sex workers in harm's way. Please see my new website for information on this issue.

These important ministers agreed with my analysis that a parliamentary committee as NDP MP Libby Davies was calling for, wasn't necessary. All we really need is a ruling from the Justice Department on whether the prostitution law is unconstitutional.

So folks there you have it. In the battle betwen David and Goliath, I came out on top!

Who said, the little guy can't make a difference!

Are you wondering as I was, why the Xtra newspaper group would do this to sex trade workers?

Well the Xtra newspaper group is in the sex business and its better for them financially, if sex trade workers are marginalized or criminalized. In fact, any criminal organization thrives and profits if social issues such as prostitution or marijuana are deemed illegal. It was the same situation as alcohol prohibition.

It must be noted that in the latest Sept 16, 2004 edition of XtraWest, the editor-in-chied Gareth Kirkeby was extolling the virtues of the 24 hour supermarket that is located in the Davie Village area. As we know, that supermarket is owned by an organization that the police claim are the number one menace to our society. I haven't known this group to be friends of the gay community and it was perplexng why XtraWest would promote this business.

Perhaps criminal organizations stick together. Maybe this is why, XtraWest, Xtra Capitol and Xtra like pigeons flying above like to take a crap on us now and then.

Go figure!

Jamie Lee Hamilton
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