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No Trademark Campaign

Hi All,

As some of you know, there is a battle going on regarding Pride in Vancouver (the gay parade and week long Pride week). The board of Pride Vancouver is working against the true spirit of Pride (liberation and freedoms) in its attempt to trademark Pride. Its desire to trademark Pride is for purely economic and selfish reasons.

Jim Deva and this blogwriter were placed on the agenda at the Pride board meeting of July 25, 2006. We were allotted time to present a historical overview of Pride and why Pride should not be trademarked. We were invited by a Pride Director, who placed us on the agenda to speak.

After Mr. Deva and myself left, we have been informed that a Pride director has been re-moved as serving as an Officer of Pride until the Pride AGM. There are two sides of the story and this blogwriter has decided not to take sides on why the director has been re-moved. Although we question the process that led to the suspension of the director

But let's look at the Pride board and its core values which it operates under. Core value 4 is important to review as it states:

Core Value 4

We believe sharing our knowledge and experience with other Pride organizations and other interested parties is vital to our achieving our mission.

It seems the Pride board does not adhere to its own core values and the ousting of the director is a testament to the out of control and autocratic style in which the Pride board is operating.

Our campaign, NO TRADEMARK CAMPAIGN, is in full swing. Please review our website to keep informed of the developments over the rights to Pride.

The despicable re-moval of a duly elected director should not go unchallenged. Please lend your support to our grassroots campaign and please keep sharing information with your friends.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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