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Hi everyone. Here is a public service announcement regarding STV--Jamie Lee.


*** Please Forward Widely ***

Public Rally For Democracy And BC-STV -- May 8

On May 17, voters in BC have the opportunity to change BC's electoral
system to a system that's much better. A system that was chosen by
ordinary citizens, such as yourself, who made up BC's Citizens Assembly on
Electoral Reform. That system is BC-STV which is proportional
(reflecting the popular vote), is fairer (because all votes count), and gives
strong local representation.

If you support BC-STV or want to find out more about it, we urge you to
join environmentalist and broadcaster David Suzuki, radio host Rafe
Mair, former UK Liberal Party leader Lord David Steel, Vancouver city
councillor Sam Sullivan, former ICBC president Nick Geer, BC Citizens?
Assembly member Shoni Field, Fair Vote Canada director Dennis Pilon,
political scientist Sabina Singh Arnott, and others:

This Sunday, May 8, 2:00 PM
At the Vancouver Public Library North Plaza

Show your support for democracy and BC-STV by attending this important

And if you can, please download and distribute the following poster and

This event is sponsored and endorsed by the Yes for BC-STV Campaign and
Fair Voting BC.

For more information,

Yes Campaign: , 1-888-937-2788
Fair Voting BC:
Citizens Assembly on Electoral Reform:
Citizens Assembly Alumni:
Chance to try before you buy:
Understanding STV:


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