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Hi All

Here is a post from a friend/supporter of Tim Stevenson's. I have replied to him. My response is on top of course. Enjoy!!!-- Jamie Lee

Hi Rick!

While I appreciate your spirited defence of Tim Stevenson on my blog, Your post though misses my point.

If Lorne Mayencourt was ahead by 1000 votes, would you still support the call for a new election?

And further you say I'm championing some Liberal line. Do you think I'm mindless and can't form and than articulate my own opinions?

Further you say I attack the poor even when my actions consistantly prove otherwise?

Have you become a mind reader that you can say with absolute certainty that those sealed voters were made by a poor person? Are you not attacking poor people by your wayward claim? You are saying essentially that those votes were made by poor people becuz who else could they have been made by?

You are wrong Rick and while you support Tim and want to rise to his defense please refrain from attacking me in the process. I am NOT a Poor Basher. But while I'm at it how many times have stalwart NDP'rs poor bashed? If you need a history lesson, just ask Jean Swanson. I'm sure she will gladly oblige you.

Just for your information Rick, I have many friends who live in the West End who voted for Tim. I asked them how they felt about Tim's call for a new election. Guess what Rick they are opposed to this. I'm not alone in my opinions.

Rick, keep in mind that elections often are not Fair. Mistakes can happen. Unfortunately, the system we have is the only one I have lived under and I continue to support it even though I would prefer to have electoral reform (STV).

But for you to brand anyone you dis-agree with as a BC Liberal is mindless thinking at its best. I'll stick to reasoned well thought out arguments instead. I think the general public may even be behind me on this.

Cheers -- JLH

Dear Jamie,

It would appear you have bought the BC Liberal line that because there is a cost to an election, it should not happen.

I am amazed you could support such a line of defense. Further your points about unregistered people voting suggest people with no fixed address would and do lie.

60 people in one polling station and 11 more in the riding, lost their vote because Elections BC did not do their job.

These are people that actually went out to vote. These are not spoiled ballots or disputed ballots. These are votes that were cast that have not even been looked at.

Elections BC admits they screwed up. They can not fix it themselves, these votes can not be counted.

The only remedy is a new election. Your questions of whether Stevenson would do this if the votes were in a Yaletown poll is a red herring.

Votes were cast, they were not counted. You can't count them so you need another election.


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