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The first all-candidate meeting for Van-East took place last night at Brittania High School and this blogger was there to catch all the action and even the fireworks. As expected, Libby Davies, the incumbent MP had the audience eating out of her hand. Can the wily Ms Davies be even more popular among her constituents. Well it appears she is.

Dave Haggard, the Liberal candidate brought forth a fiery brand during his 7 minute opening introduction. His style reminded me of former NDP Premier, Dave Barrett. Articulate, strong delivery and passionate ideals impressed many in the audience. Allegedly, Mr. Haggard was ill and after his opening, was less passionate.

Ms Davies, as expected raised local issues concerning the riding. Often she went on the offensive, targetting the Liberal record while in office for the past 12 years. Mr. Haggard offerred up that Van-East was in a deplorable condition and he claimed this to be the result of an MP residing in opposition. He believes change will come by Van-East electing a MP in government. Ms Davies countered that the former MP before her, Anna Terrana, was in government and the riding turfed her after one term. This brought an affirmative respone from the many Davies supporters in the auditorium.

Many are predicting another slam dunk for Libby Davies on January, 23, 2006. All eyes will be watching to see if she improves on her previous 56% winning margin. If Mr. Haggard is to have any hope of closing the gap, he must stay away from attacking Ms Davies. She is far too popular in the riding and people love her representing them. Mr. Haggard would be wise to perhaps, lay out the record of the previous NDP provincial administration. As a result, he may find sympathy for his beliefs and make the race for Van-East much more interesting.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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