Monday, May 29, 2006



Mayor Sam Sullivan, it appears, has allowed power to go to his head and took it upon himself to suspend a duly elected official and member from the NPA. This action was done without the approval of the NPA membership and that in itself is deeply troubling.

Park Commissioner Al DeGenova has consistantly won election after election and is extremely popular with Vancouver voters for his progressive stances on park board issues. For Mayor Sullivan to sucker punch an elected official in this manner is a complete disregard for democracy. Just because you may have a political disagreement is no reason to slap the face of someone who works diligently and respectfully on behalf of ALL citizens.

Mayor Sullivan has made a political mistake and this must be so hard on Mellisa, Commissioner DeGenova's daughter who worked tirelessly on Mayor Sullivan's Mayoral nomination and subsequent campaign. I too am deeply shamed by this action of Sam Sullivan

Even when former NPA Mayor, Philip Owen, had a different opinion on harm reduction from his NPA colleagues, they didn't demean him by suspending him.

Commissioner DeGenova has the support of this citizen and I hope ALL citizens rally behind Mr. DeGenova and let him know that the actions of the Mayor is wrong.

You can email Al DeGenova at to lend your support.

Jamie Lee Hamilton
(778) 329-1981


At 11:56 AM, Blogger Ryan said...

I agree with you 100% Jamie Lee. I thought that the NPA was supposed to live up to its name of being "Non Partisan" -- in allowing its elected members to represent their constituents even if they don't all agree with each other.

I hope that Sam Sullivan reconsiders his recent actions.


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