Wednesday, October 18, 2006



On Saturday, October 21, the Annual General meeting of Vancouver Pride Society takes place at the West End Community Centre (WECC). The WECC is located at 870 Denman Street. Mtg start time is 1pm-4pm.

On Sunday, October 22 again at the WECC, the West End Residents Association hosts a community mtg on Affordable Housing and Healthy Communities. The meeting starts at noon-2pm

On Thursday, October 18 at the City of Vancouver Planning and Environment committee meeting, Councillor Tim Stevenson is bringing forward a weak resolution on addressing homelessness in Vancouver. I am on the speakers list and encourage others to address Council. The meeting starts at 2pm.

Speaking of NDP things, I understand that the President of the Vancouver-Centre NDP who happens to be a transformed woman, had to remove a fellow board member from their executive session last night. The meeting was held at the home of President Raigen D Angelo. Sources confirm, Ms D Angelo who was formerly Vice-President of this riding association had to scratch and claw her way to the presidency when the then President resigned. It seems that the NDP, or at least a few members of that riding association were not happy about having a former sex trade worker as their riding association president. In the end Ms D Angelo prevailed, however, the knives have been out ever since. This is troubling since the NDP prides itself on being a progressive party. Perhaps though because of their political correctness, the problem may lie in having to address their president. Can you imagine them choking over their latte's as they address their chair as President Reagan ooops I mean Raigen. Stay tuned folks on this continuing saga.

On a side note, many folks know the Vice-President of the federal Liberal riding Association of Van-East, is an on-again-off-again-on again sex worker and also a transformed woman. These problems do not occur there--yet. Perhaps, the Liberals really do have a leg up on the NDP when it comes to matters of a progressive nature, or at least with Trans-formed Ladies.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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