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Like many people, I have been acutely aware that the trial of the century begins today, January, 22, 2007.

With the commencement of this trial, citizens across this country will be subjected to a constant barrage of information coming from the trial. Its been speculated that much of the content will be extremely unsettling.

As an individual who strived to bring attention to this matter in the earlier years of the women first disappearing, my first thoughts go out to the women who had their lives stolen. They will forever be missed. Their lives lived out here in Vancouver, BC have had impacts on others. We are now about to witness this first hand. Their disappearances and murders will be etched in the minds of us all for a very long time. Collectively, we will share in the carnage which occurred.

My concern now as it was then, is for the women and men who entrenched in the sex trade industry, live with constant victimization, fear and danger that being involved in the unregulated sex trade brings.

I understand that the families of the missing women are going to hear horrific news about their loved ones. I cannot possibly imagine what it will be like for them. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to them as it does for every citizen who will be touched by this horrible trial.

I myself will attempt to report on the stories as they emerge in the press. I will hold nothing back and if I offend, let me sincerely apologize in advance to all my readers. It is not my intent to place blame, however, I think it necessary to bring forward news that will open people's eyes.

I have been involved on-again-off-again-on-again-off-again in Vancouver's sex trade for 35 years. That's a very long time and hence it provides me an opportunity to have a unique perspective. I will share my perspectives with you the public.

Since the sex trade revolves around economics and ultimately this trial does as well, let me share a sobering fact with you the public as reported on news1130.

The missing women investigation is estimated to have cost about $70 million by the end of 2003 and the province has put aside another $46 million to cover the case between 2004 and 2007.

Jamie Lee Hamilton
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Tomorrow I will post on how this death and destruction all began. At least for me and some other prominent citizens in Vancouver. I will also remember those not connected with the farm in Port Coquitlam, who nonetheless, had their lives wiped out--JL


At 8:40 AM, Blogger Raigen D'Angelo said...

It is such a hard day with all the media being on top of the trial. My tears have returned for all those incredible women that we have lost.

May those angels in heaven give us strength through the coming year.

All My Relations,
Raigen D'Angelo


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