Monday, April 16, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


As many of my readers are aware, the Downtown Eastside Residents Association is attempting to evict me from my residence on West Pender Street.

My readers also understand that I have been critical of the Rogue group, APC, who effectively control Dera. Here are the following facts of this case which will be held tomorrow.

1) Dera has attempted to evict me even though I do not currently reside there. There was widespread mold found in the building and which is making many tenants sick. Remedial repairs have been initiated.

2) Myself and a few other tenants brought to the attention of the media, the concerns over Dera housing operations related to the housing units they run.

3) Moreover, myself along with another tenant sent a letter to Minister Rich Coleman outlining our serious concerns.

4) As a result of the unhealthy conditions at a number of Dera run buildings, which has created serious health and extreme risk for tenants, Dera has attempted to silence us.

5) BC Housing relocated a number of Dera tenants as a result of the serious health problems, tenants at Dera are facing. BC Housing made Dera sign an undertaking that these housing units would remain in the possession of the tenants until such time as the extensive remedial work is completed. It is estimated to take a year to complete these repairs.

6) Dera signed a contract with BC Housing, a crown agency of the government, not to displace or impede the rights of the tenants who were relocated.

7) Shortly after signing this agreement with BC Housing, Dera is acting against the intent of the signed agreement. To wit, the eviction application, without cause, brought against this writer.

8) On Friday, April, 13, we filed an order against Dera demanding they produce the written and signed agreement with BC Housing.

9) Dera is refusing to do so and claims that any business conducted between them and BC Housing is not a tenant or landlord matter.

10) Dera which has engaged in shameful, misguided and criminal acts, however, with this latest action, clearly is overstepping the moral and legal rights accorded to them. They have engaged in an abuse of process and they must act within the laws of the land.

11) BC Housing has a fiduciary duty to ensure that their tenants do not suffer abuse or victimization at the hands of one of its housing providers, to wit, Dera.

12) Dera for some oddball reasoning, thinks it can do whatever it desires and has no responsibility to BC Housing and the public taxpayer, which provides all Dera housing funding.

Members of the public are aware that government has a moral, ethical and legal responsibility to assist and ensure that affirm, marginalized and lower income individuals
in this province are assisted with their housing needs. Moreover, tenants under the care of BC Housing ie government, should never be expected to endure abuse at the hands of one of its housing providers.

Dera has gone way too far with many of its reprehensible actions of late and any and all public funds allotted to Dera should immediately cease. This organization under the shameful leadership of Kim Kerr, I allege, has lost the true objectives of its constituted and legal mandate. Simply put, this organization has zero credibility.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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