Thursday, May 17, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Once again, the APC doesn't get it. Their message, if there ever was one, is backfiring on them. Yesterday, they didn't even come close to disrupting the VANOC meeting. Instead, they took their protest to Boundary Road, where they tied up traffic, while pissing off motorists who have nothing to do with the Olympics and who actually may be sympathetic to the issue of homelessness.

One of the key organizers of APC, Aaron Muirhead, who is a DERA housing manager, yesterday demanded another staff to cover part of his shift so he could indulge in the attempting mocking of VANOC officials. Of course, Mr. Muirhead has control over staff at the Pendera building and this is concerning, since it now appears APC members who also are DERA staff members are coercing other staff, to do their bidding. In fact, the APC motto has become--if you don't do as I say or do--you are fired.

This is why, the APC has zero credibility. Now, instead of projecting outward, they are projecting inward and using intimidation and threats against law abiding staff at DERA who just want to do their job.

Its also interesting to note that Mr. Muirhead and other APC organizers like Anna Hunter who also work at DERA, are gaining from public trust funds. They are actually paid handsomely, with generous benefits to disrupt city life.

BC Housing hopefully is taking seriously this issue of certain DERA staff, I allege, mis-using public BC Housing funding.

While the public is supportive of public protest, I'm not certain though they wish for their money to be mis-used on pseudo protests which do nothing for lower income citizens of Vancouver's most troubled neighborhood.

APC and DERA are becoming increasingly irrelevant in Oldtown and their pseudo protests are backfiring. Their deployment of stupid strategies are increasing costs to the taxpayer. While APC claims this to be effective, all its really accomplishing is taking away of public dollars which could greatly assist the downtrodden and ensuring the re-directing of these scarce public funding dollars toward increased security and policing costs. One pseudo protest alone cost taxpayers $30.000.

How that, in the minds of APC thugs is having an affect on poor peoples lives is disingenuous thinking at best.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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