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There has been an individual, Picket Boy, who is writing a blog on the Vancouver strike. He writes anonymously and is a striking CUPE worker. He has actually articulated informative, non partisan responses to the strike, up until now that is.

He is reading my blog and has sent me comments which I moderated through. He disputes my claim that APC/DERA members are CUPE 1004 members. He asks me to prove it.

Here is the proof.

DERA workers are members of CUPE 1004, a striking Union. A number of APC members work for DERA as paid employees and are required to belong to CUPE 1004. Moreover, a significant number of APC members also sit on the DERA board.

Influential members of APC, working at DERA include, David Cunningham, leader of the APC. His father Russ Cunningham, also woks for DERA as a housing maintenance worker. Aaron Muirhead is the building manager of Pendera, a DERA building. He has participated in many APC illegal acts and is a member of APC. Anna Hunter works for DERA as does Lily Loncur.

Ms Hunter is an APC spokesperson. Both these women are members of APC. A number of other housing staff who work part-time at DERA also belong to APC. Another influential member of APC is Thomas Malefont, who has been arrested on a number of occasions for participating in APC illegal acts. He works in the Pendera and Marie Gomez (another DERA building).

As my readers know, APC/DERA workers and CUPE 1004 members recently dumped a whole lot of garbage on Mayor Sam Sullivan's condo building where hundreds of other residents reside.

I have asked Union leaders to distance themselves from this tacky action of members of their Union.

I received this response instead from Picket Boy. Interesting.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 4:03 PM, Blogger Picket Boy said...

Thanks for the information.

I'm sorry if you believed I was attacking you.

I was simply seeking great detail then you had initially provided.

At 4:09 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

I understand Picket Boy. I'm certain though with all the information you have at your disposal as a loyal Unionist that you would have easily figured out that APC/DERA employees are members of CUPE 1004.

I am thankful to know that you were not attacking me.

At 4:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

JLH - you totally lost all credibility when you wrote:

"He is off-base here and perhaps should stick to picket duty where his expertise may have more value."

What a petty piece of vitriol with the lofty sentiment that suggests "I am bright and clever and you should just stick with what you know". Typical you are a consultant - please don't enter the domain of education consultancy - I don't think your condescending tone would would be beneficial to anyone!

At 4:47 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

My apologies to Picket Boy if I came across as condscending to him. It was not my intent to do so. It is my style of writing and is not meant to inflict harm.

At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"As my readers know, APC/DERA workers and CUPE 1004 members recently dumped a whole lot of garbage on Mayor Sam Sullivan's condo building where hundreds of other residents reside."

But do you know this as fact?
Were they CUPE members or just members of the APC (whose membership isn't all made up union members, is it?) What if it was just a bunch of APC members who have no affiliation with any union.

Then the connection can't be made. What I'm asking is, do you know that they were card-carrying 1004 members? i can't just take your word for it .....

(for the record, I didn't know about the DERA/1004 thing either)


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