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I guess my latest post where I presented an overview of the Pickton trial presenting convenient opportunities, rattled the cage of the Orato editor.

Orato is a relative newcomer to the blog-o-sphere and is attempting to make a name for itself. It chose to run a major feature on the Pickton case and this is what really launched their online presence.

The editor took offence over my blog piece and in an email to me, took a number of potshots at me.

I don't usually bother responding to the numerous online rants and attacks on my character, which usually centre on either my gender or my appearance. However, I feel it necessary to point out what I consider a lack of professionalism coming from the Orato editor. This editor who by the way, is a trained journalist. Hm.

A while back, I was concerned over a piece written by an Orato Correspondent Citizen. This writer was writing on the Pickton trial and stated that all sex trade workers were liars.

I was personally offended and I did the correct thing and sent a private email to the Editor, expressing my dismay. I stated this was inappropriate and suggested an apology should be offered. Of course, none was.

The Editor and I had a series of email exchanges where I was referred to as Nelly by the Editor. This comment in itself is very unprofessional and reeks of transphobia.

As a result of a number of what I thought were private email exchanges between the Editor and myself, suddenly an Orato public commentary appeared on June 28, 2007.

The piece written by the Correspondent Citizen, who I have never met, was called Active Sex Trade Worker vs Former Sex Trade Worker. In the piece, I was singled out and ridiculed for my long history of fighting for sex worker rights. Moreover, in the comments section, anonymous individuals were given free reign to attack my character.

I don't reply to these types of gutter-snipe attacks and let it go. I wasn't about to sink to that same level.

This latest email volley directed at me though, which I chose not to print, is worthy of a response.

In my opinion, the Editor of Orato is not only immature but really unprofessional.

Speaking of immature, I arrived at the Vancouver Police Board meeting yesterday, where myself and colleague, Jen Allan were speaking on the missing women's reward.

The APC gang attempted to block our entry into the building.

These juvenile protesters informed me that I wasn't allowed into the Police headquarters. Around 25 of them surrounded myself and Jen. Jen was a bit shaken over the incident since the APC were right in our face.

Thankfully, the police moved in and made room for Jen and I to enter the building. The APC took to calling the Police, Jen and I pigs.

It just goes to show that this group are not worthy of even being considered genuine protesters.

APC is really dumb. They think they can dictate who is allowed to attend public meetings and this just shows how out to lunch they are. How stupid of them to actually think they have the right to block people from attending public meetings.

The APC profess to be helping the poor but what they are doing is using the poor to carry out their cowardly deeds. This group actually are modern-day fascists and they are disgusting.

I have a suggestion for them. Perhaps the Orato editor can provide them with citizen correspondent status and they can all spew their bile together.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 6:25 AM, Blogger Amanda Brooks said...

Keep fighting the good fight!


At 2:43 AM, Blogger Steve said...

APC needs to exclude the fascist left element. Jerry Rubin commented once long ago in the 60s that if leftists get into power they'd do to people what the Soviets did to their people prior to their fall in 1991.

Their confrontational tactics show exactly what would happen if we changed our election system to a representative model from the current first-past-the-post.

However, do not confuse anarchists with leftists. Anarchists tend to buy the best camping gear from Mountain,which would include a tent, a knapsack and 50 pounds of supplies to go tough it out in the wilderness.

But the real fascists are the people who cut welfare and demand incarceration for petty crimes. Both these things are the real reason why people truly deserving of welfare are often prey to APC and so-called concerned citizens like certain politicians we know.

Am I suggesting we give more money to people on welfare and stop putting them in prison for smoke pot and being totally useless? Heck, yes!! The more money you throw at the poor who deserve welfare, the better off they are. This includes David Cunningham and most of the APC who are on welfare.

Oh, and incarcerating the APC won't save the poor either. We'd be better served to vote the Liberals out of office, institute representative elections, and let the leftists who silently support the APC by not objecting to their confrontational style of protest get elect like that Green teacher Andrea.

Heck, at least they could be confrontational in parliament and get scolded by the moderator.

Why do we need leftists in power when I pointed out that it could lead to more fascism?

Cos the guys now in power are impoverishing the poor daily by selling off Terasen and implementing privatization to line their pockets.

Also, though they act like rightwingers, BC Liberals are more like crypto-leftists because in spite of their capitalist front, they were born in raised in Canada, a social welfare state since Pearson got elected.

Yup that's right. We got potential Soviets in power now, and they treat the poor like they are in gulags now, except it's called homelessness.

Anyhow, jail is too good for the APC. They need a vacation in Zapatista Land PDQ.


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