Friday, January 18, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC

Mayor Sullivan is this the Civil City you Envision?

It appears that the South Granville Business Improvement Association, which is funded by the City of Vancouver, is up in arms over a business which bills itself as a love Hotel and is seeking business through the Adult classified section of the Georgia Straight.

Sharon Townsend, executive director of the South Granville BIA became aware of the ad and went on an executive man-hunt to track down the offending business. Being unsuccessful at tracking it down, she has now enlisted the support and co-operation of the Vancouver Police department.

Apparently, the business wishes to operate discreetly and offers only a telephone number for contact and this is creating logistical problems for the man-hunt.

Imagine people just desiring to connect up discreetly for an Adult rendezvous. Heaven forbid this should happen in our City.

Oh wait, I forgot it does. The City has been licensing gay male steambaths since the 1960's where homosexuals can rent time-limited rooms for making those love-connections.

It really seems odd that the Granville BIA and Police are using scarce resources to investigate an adult business which prefers to operate discreetly and isn't breaking any laws.

Why the big fuss over it and is this man-hunt key to the Civil City you envision Mayor Sullivan?

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 7:30 PM, Anonymous Vancouver guy said...

First of all, BIA's are not funded by the city. They get money from merchant levies. Secondly, the guy IS breaking laws because he has no business license and is operating it from a condo not zoned for that. I have nothing against the business, but the dude should be operating it legally.

At 7:41 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

The City collects business taxes and re-directs these funds back into groups which have organized themselves into BIA's so really it is the City funding them.

It seems there are far worse things going on in the City which need addressing. I don't think someone making available their apartment or condo so couples can have a rendezvous in a discreet way is that serious an issue. Whether its a crime is debatable.


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