Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Former City Councillor, Jim Green, who gained political capital as a result of championing the plight of low-income tenants who were being displaced as a result of Expo 86, through his latest incarnation as a developer-lobbyist, Mr. Green sticks it to this severely disenfranchised neighborhood that he once purported to care so much about.

Mr. Green attended council on Monday, March 3, 2008, supporting the Eco-density plan initiated by Mayor Sam Sullivan. At the meeting, former Councillor Green, was promoting clause 12 of the Eco-density charter, which calls for higher towers to be built in the historic areas of Oldtown, Chinatown and Gastown.

Of course, during his presentation to council, Mr. Green, conveniently forgot to mention that he works for a Developer who has lots to gain, if the City allows higher density in these areas. Moreover, Mr. Green as a lobbyist for the Developer, would also personally and financially benefit by an increase in density.

Councillor Peter Ladner, who is running for Mayor, mentioned that Mr. Green works for a certain developer who has a number of projects before the City, awaiting higher density re-zoning in the Oldtown area.

Mr. Green was obviously ticked off when Councillor Ladner brought out this fact, which of course, the American-born Green conveniently omitted in his presentation. In typical Green fashion, always playing the victim, he shot back that at one time, when he worked for a non-profit, unnamed council members from that era would often turn their back on him.

Interesting the shoe now appears to be on the other foot as Mr. Green, through his desire to make money, is turning his back on people of the DTES, who have lots to lose if higher density in this area is granted.

Higher density means, many Oldtown residents may also lose their lives as a result of the rampant displacement and homelessness which will occur but this doesn't seem to concern Mr. Green, since these days, his desire to make money supersedes everything else.

What a change from those Expo days, eh Mr. Green.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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