Friday, February 06, 2009


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


At 4:30pm today, I was informed by legal counsel for the blogger complainant who filed a lawsuit against me that they feel I breached the terms of my agreement with them. I disagree.

I complied with the demand to post an apology and to refrain from writing anything on my blog for a consecutive 72 hours. This was an excessive demand not to blog, however, I wished to appease the complainant.

Further, I believe I've been sincere in the apology especially since I have according to the complainant hurt his feelings due to his belief that my comments might be interpreted by others to mean something entirely different from what I have written. The intent of my apology is sincere, however, it is now being rejected.

As I stated in my blog posting of yesterday, I sincerely apologized to the complainant due to his distress especially since he is of the belief that others may interpret my original blog postings "Ladner Momentum Draws Early Robertson Booster" and "What Strange Bedfellows Mr. Tsakumis and Ms. Reimer Make” to imply something they are not intended to imply.

Again I apologize to the blogger complainant for his anguish over these postings as it was NEVER my intent that others mis-interpreted the postings in the way the complainant believes they may.

I must once again be very clear here. The blogger complainant demanded that I not post replies(comments) regarding the apology and I complied with this even though people were attempting to post comments in the comments section of Oldtown News regarding the apology posting.

I feel though it was necessary to provide an explanation to my readers regarding the apology. My intent was not to invalidate the apology but to allow my readership access to why their comments were not being moderated through.

I must be honest here. If I had the ability to fight against the deep pockets of the blogger complainant I would.

I am left now without any other choice but to see this suit through to trial.

So once again, the apology offered to the complainant stands but to be clear, I also have certain rights and I'm not willing to allow these rights to be trampled on.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jamie Lee, Alex is just a bloviating bully, he will not be able to get away with trying to stifle your free speech and control your blog. In fact, I'm surprised he hasn't been sued by quite a few people that he has continually slandered in his own column, which he then litters all over other websites and blogs. I'm sure you've seen the horrible and vicious comments he posts about other people on Frances Bula's blog and other places. He's a nasty piece of work.

I think you should go very public with this and let everyone know what this asshole is up to. Once he is exposed, no one will think kindly of him ever, and he deserves the backlash coming his way.

A letter-writing campaign to 24 Hours, BC Civil Liberties Assoc. and City Council would be a good start.

At 5:09 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

Hi Anonymous

Thanks for the comment.

Well Mr Complainant Blogger has how shall we say Issues. Yes his venemous posts on various websites are widely known. I think this is what killed Public Eye Online and it surely will destroy FB's online site. People just get tired of this nonense.

I find it interesting that the Complainant Blogger doesn't seem to be writing any longer on the CTV site. Perhaps they wisened up to him quickly. In fact all his posts when you do a Google search appear to be gone. I wonder why?

Regarding 24 Hours, I hear they are in financiall trouble so perhaps they may cease operations.

City Council loves the Complainant Blogger since he is such a boot licker to the new Mayor. Hm I wonder if this will indice another suit. This time he can say that my comment can be mis-interpeted to mean he is Gay and into licking boots.


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