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Well everyone has heard I'm sure by now that this once proud and quite noble organization has fallen into complete disrespect.

Serious allegations have surfaced regarding misuse of funds, nepotism and awarding of affordable housing suites to DERA staff, board members and insiders. People on the wait list for affordable housing were disregarded so friends of the Executive Director could have the suites.

Yesterday BC Housing in an unprecedented move has filed a court case against DERA in Supreme Court.

So far the allegations have not yet been proven, however, the fact even of the alleged improprieties is so powerful that DERA is now simply a completely discredited group.

It is quite possible that Police will need to investigate to determine whether criminal acts have occurred.

In the meantime I am hopeful that the Courts can immediately move to take control of the DERA buildings which will provide for the tenants safety.

Residents who I have spoken with in the last two days are completely devastated by the news now surfacing since this was an organization that they had historically held in high regard. Moreover people placed their trust in DERA honestly believing that DERA was fighting on their behalf for a better life.

As we now know even the tinge of these serious allegations has shown that DERA has seemingly without any regard for poor people betrayed and destroyed their trust. This is what is so despicable when you consider that homeless people could have been housed securely in DERA buildings, however, they were passed over in favour of those not needing the housing and this is what is so criminal

Shame on you DERA!!

Please read the stories coming out in the Sun, Province and National Post today and tomorrow.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 10:06 PM, Blogger Rachel Davis said...

This would never have happened if there was somewhere for an honest member of DERAHS board to turn to when she sees that things are crooked like a snake.
As it is, the Society Registrar can only step in and do something when the society is deemed a danger to the public at large.
If the Registrar was available to help back when when you were on the board and saw that things were getting dicey, Jamie Lee, maybe this would all have happened years ago. As it was, Audrey Leferriere had to blow the whistle all the way to the courts to get the real info out of the funders themselves since DERA refused to give it.

The DTES is largely run by SOCIETIES. There are rules, but they have no teeth. Now they want to rewrite the Society Act to make it even more of a free for all. Here is comment on the situation that was on the internet:
I have been reviewing the BC Law Institute Consultation paper on revisions to the BC Society Act. Huge document with lots of good thinking – good people put it together. But good people can make BIG mistakes. I think they did here.
They say a society should be required to have “at least” one member and one director. Well, I guess that would be better than saying at least zero members or directors. I don’t know about others, but I find it pretty retro to think that one person could form a society, be its sole director and operate in the public benefit without any accountability to others. Go form a company, own it outright, and do all kinds of good things. Why put the word “society” at risk from all the flakes, kooks, criminals and social looters who will pile on and ruin a perfectly good brand.
Now I know these good people who wrote that tome had good intentions (remember that road that is paved with good intentions): harmonize the Society Act with the Business Corporations Act. I don’t think so. Nope, not in this case. This goes over that edge of reasonability. Not trashing Lawyers here, just sayin, let’s be reasonable.

My addition, to help you understand how wrong the focus of the new Society Act 2010 is:

The new Society Act 2010 has as its main focus to harmonize the Society Act with the BC Corporations Act. You cannot mix apples and oranges: the purpose of corportaions is profit; the purpose of a society is the better of society.

At 11:26 AM, Blogger Rachel Davis said...

Thanks for posting my comment Jamie Lee, I wanted to post where people can email their concerns and suggestions for the proposed new, re-written Society Act:
Write to Joann Cain at :

At 10:43 AM, Blogger R. Mark Desjardins said...

All Housing To Take A HIT!

Not only are the poor and working poor hit hard by expensive housing, those lucky enough to have saved to purchased a condo are going to get "double dicked" by the Provincial Government by this proposed HST that will come into effect later this year.
Home owners will have to pay an extra tax on services, goods, etc. But Condo owners will also be taxed the 12% on their monthly fees. This will generate millions for the B.C. Liberal Government, but where will this new found eggs nest really go?
Certainly NOT to provide new social housing. I'm
sure all rental suites in the city will see rent increases to cover that 12% tax hike for sure.
This fact was recently discovered and the news media will soon be making this widely known. It is in the interest of condo owners to band together to protest this extra tax burden to our MLA because once this legislation comes into effect later this summer, it will be next to impossible to remove.


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