Sunday, November 09, 2014

Mayor Roberston Appears to have no Ethics

November 9, 2014 Well this really pissed me off. Residents of the Seafield apartments on Pendrell Street in the West End were under threat of renoviction from developer landlord Gordon Nelson. Some elderly tenants received rent increases of 300 % and at that time the MLA for the riding Mr Chandra Herbert stood in solidarity with them. He even attended their press conference and spoke at it. Now that same Gordon Nelson development corporation has made a donation of $25,000 to the Vision party that MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert just days ago endorsed. I'm terribly troubled that Mr Herbert thinks it is OK to support a Party which takes sizable donations from developers who have forced elderly seniors from their homes in the West End. AND GET THIS. Gregor Robertson on November 9, 2008 stood with the residents of the Seafield at their press conference as he was a candidate for Mayor denouncing Gordon Nelson and now 6 years later Mayor Robertson readily accepts a donation of $25,000 from Gordon Nelson for his re-election campaign. Jamie Lee Hamilton


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