Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Blog Day #2

Hi Everyone!

Well folks as promised, the election in Van-East is
definitely giving rise to this writer's opinions.

Second Brickbat of the Van-East campaign once again
goes to none other then LIBBY DAVIES.

Ms Davies in a press release of June 6th attacks
Van-East pro gay rights youth activist Jon Loewen who
sent out a personal email to his UBC friends inviting
them to an election party at the Blarney Stone. In the
email, which said Conservatives were welcome but that
they had to sit in a corner due to their perceived
homophobia, young Mr Loewen was mercilessly attacked
as being intolerant by Ms Davies. And in a press
release issued June 6th by her campaign, Ms Davies
went beyond political posturing, calling into question
the integrity of visible minority candidate Shirley
Chan, who defended the rights of volunteers to
express them self. I guess Ms Davies has forgotten
freedom of speech is a Charter Right guaranteed to all
Canadians. Ms Davies, sensing a political advantage,
went further in her intolerance by calling for Mr
Loewe n's resignation as a volunteer on the SHIRLEY
CHAN campaign.

Interesting to note is that just a mere few days ago
at a pro Stephen Harper Conservative Rally, a few
Conservatives manhandled and assaulted a few Gay
Rights Activists from the group Canadians for Equal
Marriage who are opposed to Mr Harper's agenda.

Shame on You Ms Davies for once again appearing to
support the Conservative/Reform Alliance.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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