Wednesday, June 30, 2004

COPEing with the Politics

Underbelly of Vancouver
Downtown Eastside

COPEing with the POLITICS

Hi All!

Wow the federal election is over and some of us can get back to a normal schedule. However this blogger will continue to expose the dirt. Next up COPEing with the Politics.

And speaking of COPE, tonite is their long awaited AGM. Many of you know COPE is Vancouver's ruling civic party. Continuously since its inception, COPE has sat in opposition to the NPA. But since winning a strong majority in 2002, COPE now finds itself in the uncanny position of having to govern. Imagine what this must be like for the class warriors who comprise the party. The older class warrior faction have disturbed the newer Blue Suit faction of the party and in turn this has created some difficulty for COPE. The internal problems within COPE nearly spilled over a few months back, when COPE was set to hold their annual general meeting. The meeting and the ensuing bloodbath, at the very last moment was diverted, since officially, according to their executive, their mtg space wasn't large enough to accommodate the membership. However this political pundit knows the meeting was cancelled since the Blue Suit style of roughshod politics would have devastated their party. In the intervening few months, COPE'sters have settled down, the Blue Suits are faithfully taking their Viagra and this has ensured other pursuits and hence the raging testosterone within the COPE Blue Suits has somewhat abated. But tonite it will likely be in full force as General Green and Mayor Campbell attempt to wrestle control of the party away from the class warriors.

Tonite I expect the executive of COPE will present a Unity slate which apparently will appease the warring Left wing and Blue Suit factions of COPE. Since COPE is the only party which doesn't publicize its executive, I nevertheless can tell you some of the names who might comprise the executive. The left wing will put forward the likes of Ruth Herman, Donna Morgan, Rita or David Chudnovsky and Penny Parry. The Blue Suit faction will put forward the likes of Kelly Quinn, Carmella Allevato, Jim Quail, Roberta McCann and a few other Union/Ward bosses. Of course, its still up to the membership to determine the outcome. Any betting person will favour the odds of the Blue Suit Faction taking majority control of the executive.

Tonite is the big meeting at John Oliver High School. Sources confirm this meeting is going ahead. Media are not welcome, however I will do my best to get the goods!!!!

Stay Tuned........

Jamie Lee Hamilton
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