Wednesday, February 16, 2005

POST 1 from a FRIEND

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POST 1 from a FRIEND

Hi All!

I've been receiving some excellent posts from friends regarding the Friends of Larry Campbell Saga. Here is post #1. Enjoy!

Hi :

I just listened to Carmela Allevato explain how the Friends of LC want to keep moving forward in a progressive direction blah blah blah blah. She was being interviewed by Rick Cluff on the CBC morning show. He threw her a hardball : "Don't you think the people of Vancouver deserve a Council that's working on their concerns, instead of wrapped up in palace intrigues?" Carmela : "Well, yeah, and that's us."

Gives new meaning to the _expression "one-armed bandits". They amputated their left arm.

The Classics took a gamble on Larry and lost. They must watch too much TV. No wonder they're opposed to the expansion of gaming. They just figured out that the House always wins.

Best of all, the FLC just handed control of council to Peter and Sam. If the Classics vote en bloc against anything the FLC does, NPA casts all decicing votes from now on. And the campaign material : "If someone like Councillor Louis, a man who has dedicated his entire life to public service, a man of integrity and principle, a man who has always spoken for the neediest, for the little guy, if a man like this can't trust Larry Campbell and Jim Green, how can the rest of us?" and so on. It's priceless.

Either way it goes for Stevenson, it's bad for FLC. If he wins, he's off to Victoria. If he loses, he's a loser.

NPA will never have a better chance to send this bunch packing. All that COPE/FLC can do is embarrass themselves and Vancouver's reputation and inflict further damage on what's left of the dignity and respect of their offices and civic government in general. Yet again their core values are exposed as hypocrisy and nothing else. Empty promises. Just like the Liberals. No, wait...

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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