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Hi Friends!

Re New Proposed route for Pride Parade

I've been receiving quite a few calls with concerns
over the new proposed PRIDE parade route.

I'm not sure that the success of PRIDE warrants a move
to an area east of granville which goes through an
area (Yaletown) not known for any gay landmarks.

I suspect there hasn't been enough public input either
regarding the move. PRIDE is about community
participation and community ownership and I'm not
certain the pride board has been responsive to what
the community may desire.

PRIDE organizers are going before the city council on
March 31 to have them approve this new venue change.

Most members of the gay community don't even know
about this proposed change.

I think its important to have a community meeting
before the city council meeting with both sides having
an opportunity to present arguments for and against.

The Community at all costs must be Consulted.

I have asked the PRIDE president Shawn to organize a
meeting, however, I'm not certain she will.

I think PRIDE should ask council to delay the planned
March 31 meeting until there has been real community
participation and dialogue.

As one who who participated in the first Pride Unity
Week in 1976 and the first parade from Nelson Park in
1979, I feel a real sense of community ownership over
PRIDE. For over 25 years, the parade has been in the
West End neighborhood.

Having the parade route in the Denman Village, a known
gay area has been beneficial to the community as well
as being a huge economic driver for small locally
owned businesses. There are many gay owned businesses

Nearby English Bay and even Lee's Trail are known as
longtime hangout and cruizing areas. The new AIDS
memorial is at Sunset Beach where the parade always
ends. Another positive key aspect of the current
parade route is that it goes right past the Alexandria
bandstand on Beach avenue which has always been the
location where the long running AIDS candlelight vigil
has been held.

Where the proposed route is, there is nothing
historical or significant markers for the gay

It starts nowhere, goes through nowhere and ends up

Please make yor voice heard. Council will not act if
they receive emails informing them that there hasn't
been appropriate community consultation. This way, a
decision can be delayed until the community has fully
participated in where it desires its parade to be.

The wonderful thing about the parade has been the participation of non gay members as well. A parade is a parade and everyone loves a good parade!

So if you have enjoyed the parade, please make your views known.

You can email councilors tim.stevenson@vancouver.ca
or ellen woodsworth ellen.woodsworth@vancouver.ca

Please cc your emails to jamie lee at

In Pride,

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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