Friday, March 04, 2005


Hi All!

I forgot to post the Vancouver Coastal Health reply to the submission of my resume for the facilitator position. It should also be noted that I never submitted my name for the Task Group.

However, a registered nurse who is also a federal health canada employee and a longtime on again-off again sex worker did and her resume was also rejected.

From Chan Drepaul there is some anonymous reference to my supposed "interactions" with former staff and affliates. All I can say is that I resigned from the advisory board because the former co-ordinator was shutting out advisory members from any input. He would continually cancel meetings. Yet the mandate when the program was struck was the reccommendation to have transsexual/transgendered individuals comprise the advisory body.

So everyone please see the post down below to me from Chan Drepaul who is the new co-ordinator who came from somewhere in Ontario in the last few months.

I will be re-posting other posts to Vancouver Coastal Health in the next few days on this matter-- JLH


Jamie Lee, my apologies for the slow response. I've been talking with many members of the VCH/THP team to come up with some answers. For the facilitator position, we have found that it would not be in line with the mission/purpose of the drop-in to accept applications from current sex trade workers. Also, based on past interactions with VCH/THP staff and affiliates, we would not be able to invite your participation on the Task Group. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Chan Drepaul
CoordinatorTransgender Health Program
Three Bridges Community Health Centre
301 - 1290 Hornby StreetVancouver, BC Canada V6Z 1W2
Phone/TTY: 604-734-1514 or1-866-999-1514 (toll-free in BC)
Fax: 604-633-4241
Email:> Web: <>


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