Wednesday, February 16, 2005

POST 2 from a FRIEND

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Here is Post 2 from a friend regarding COPE.

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Hi :

Much mention has been made of Mayor Larry Campbell's decision to stick the COPE Classic faction on city council with the estimated $200-300,000 debt outstanding from their last campaign. Both flavours of COPE are fond of claiming that they speak for the poor and disadvantaged. Where did they get the $1 million it cost them to sweep council, school board and parks board last time?
Among the most generous donors:

Canadian Union of Public Employees BC $152,500.00

Vancouver Elementary School Teachers' Ass'n $ 42,869.81

Vancouver & District Labour Council $ 43,600.00

Hospital Employees Union $ 41,000.00

Communications, Energy & Paperworkers Union $ 22,166.00

That's a bit over $300K. Thirty other unions gave what they could, and several hundred individuals gave amounts under $100 and did not have to identify themselves, although I'm sure they have nothing to hide. The poor and under-privileged gave virtually nothing, and can point to COPE's track record to prove it.


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