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Regarding my last post some viewers and friends of BC Lee were of the impression that my blog was implying that BC LEE wasn't gay friendly. My blog I don't believe presented this.

I stated Ms Sophia Leung, former MP, and her friends had opposed gay rights issues. I wish to clarify that Ms Leung had publicly gone on record as saying her constituency association and many of her constituents oppose same sex rights. BC LEE confirms he is a friend of Ms Leung, however he differs from her regarding opposition to gay rights issues.

Ms Leung held a private party for BC Lee and I wondered why other Asian candidates had not been invited. I stand by my assertion that it may have something to do with the make-up of the crowd who attended the Ms Leung event for BC Lee. I suspect many of the attendees may have been from the conservative Asian christian movement and that these individuals have been front and centre in organizing demonstrations against Gay Rights Issues.

I know BC Lee is a moderate, however I hope he is careful in not allowing himself to be supported by or associated with those who appear to exert intolerant viewpoints. In fact, in a conversation with BC Lee this morning, he informed me that he isn't part of an organized religious group. Of course, I've known BC Lee to be gay friendly and I again reminded him that in politics perception often is different from reality and hence,he may need to come out publicly in support of gay rights issues.

In any event BC Lee has my vote based on his knowledge, committment to human rights and his ability to build bridges.


Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 1:30 AM, Blogger Ryan said...

Happy 50th Birthday Jamie Lee!

At 5:51 PM, Anonymous S. Rogers said...

JLH! We thought you were smarter than this! BC Lee is a self absorbed jerk!

Check out this Public Eye

Here's what was written:

Remember those ass kissers in high school? you know, "teacher's pets" as they were called. Some of them never grow up. Looks like we've got one of these ass kissers running for office this fall. I was dragged out to an event by my friends... here's the scoop:

NPA candidate BC Lee was at former Kingsway MP Sophia Leung's place the other week (Sophia wanted to honor another great stateman like herself, I guess). Man did this Lee guy say some stoooooopid things.

Knowing that this Lee guy loves to talk about how great a leader he is in the Vancouver 'Gay' community (!?), we got him to explain himself in front of Sophia's Taiwanese church friends.

Here's what he sputtered (picture a choking chicken) - paraphrased - " I... (BC) stand for Christian values and I understand and support your (intolerant) views on same sex issues, but vote for me, because I love this town. I love Vancouver. I love Taiwan. I love Church." Asked again what his views on homosexuality were, he again stated, " I love Vancouver, I am a Chinese Christian, blah blah blah".

shit. we've got another windbag fluffer in the NPA.

Posted by col on September 25, 2005

At 1:23 AM, Anonymous Miss Li said...

I found this site from google search. You have no idea how self centered B.C. Lee is.

I am on same board with Lee. He never shows up. He only shows up for tv and newspapper ev ents.

I ask my friends on Chinese garden board, and have same scenario. Lee's attendence record is awful. No show. And talks only about himself.

Lee and I am also from Taiwan, and hope Canada understands how dirty politicans like Lee is!

At 2:29 PM, Anonymous DAVID said...


you know my feelings on this guy...and well... I wouldn't heap such praise on this guy.

I agree with the comments made by others. BC is quite the flatterer, so I'd watch my back (and I'm not talking about just plugging up the ol' orifice).

Remember what I emailed you in confidence. Don't get taken by his sweet talk, because you will end up like a used condom - - casted aside afterwards.



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