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Jack Layton, federal NDP leader up until a few days ago, thought he could pick up some badly needed seats in BC. But to his surprise, because Jim Green needs something to console his Mayoral defeat, this in turn is providing restless nights for Mr Layton and his House leader, Libby Davies. In fact, this event may cripple the NDP in what they thought were winnable seats.

As reported on my blog and on the Public Eye blog, Jim Green is seriously considering a run at Federal politics for the riding of Van-Centre.

But what about Svend Robinson? Hasn't he already announced his intention to be the NDP candidate in Vancouver-Centre?

Poor Svend Robinson who was touted to be the main contender to the Divalicios Liberal MP, Hedy Fry in Van-Centre, may not get his stocking filled at Xmas-time after all. It seems this past weekend that Jack Layton and Jim Green were cozying up to each other and discussing whether Mr. Green should run for the NDP in Van-Centre.

And what is the Libby Davies role in all this?

Well Miss Libby is a confidante to all three men. She is NDP house leader for Jack Layton, best buddy to Svend Robinson and a very close friend and endorser of Jim Green's recent Mayoral bid.

Oh talk about messy political affairs. Whatever will Libby do?

Well Ms Davies may not have the opportunity to do much but support Jim Green since, she may soon find herself facing off against a strong challenger in her own riding of Vancouver-East. She will need all the support she can muster in Van-East in order to save her own seat. My bet is that she will have no other choice than to support Jim Green if he lays down the law and chooses to run in Centre.

This menage-a-trois resembles a plot similar to the days of the TV show, Dynasty. But because its the NDP, its really only a fictional account folks or is it?

I digress, so back to the trio of Davies, Green and Robinson. My feeling is that Libby will remain silent or privately encourage Svend to run in another riding besides Centre. Oh that's not nice either since Svend paved the way for Libby into federal politics. And Libby knows there are not many potential NDP winnable ridings.

Whatever happens though the federal Liberals and their BC organizer, Mark Marrisen, must be laughing since the NDP internal nasty stuff is keeping so many of their strong candidates terribly busy.

In any event, if Jim Green backs away, which I think wil most likely happen, the damage for the NDP has already been done. Svend will still get his chance in Centre, but of course, Ms Fry will wield enormous political clout and exert considerable mileage by claming Svend didn't seen to have his party leader' ringing endorsement or blessing.

And as for Libby Davies coming to the rescue for Svend, I doubt she can since she will be fixated in her own riding trying to hang on to her own seat against a very powerful candidate.

Rumour has it as well, that a high profile candidate may run in Surrey North and this could cause problems for the NDP candidate there, Penny Priddy. Ms Priddy has been touted to be a serious contender for that riding. If the high profile candidate runs in Surrey North, I expect the Liberals to take this seat as well.

All of a sudden, the three ridings the NDP thought they could bank on are less than sure bets.

Well I don't know about you dear readers but suddenly the federal election looks very promising and exciting!

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 5:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jamie - Give it a rest. Your obsession with Jim Green is not good for your mental health.

At 6:41 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

I'm only reporting on current stories of interest. My health is fine thank you.

You on the other hand should seek medical advice since you are the one who loathes my writing but yet you keep coming back to my blog like a voyeur needing his daily fix. How sick is that?


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