Thursday, February 01, 2007


Hi All,

Below I've posted a concern from someone residing in Creston. This post was in response to an article I had written over a year ago called BOUNTIFUL-THE BOLD-BAD and BEAUTIFUL. The response was just received, however, I believe is worth posting here --JL

I am from Creston. You mentioned Bountiful as being admirable? It disgusts me. There is NOTHING admirable about the place. They do not "care." They are brainwashed and no other way. About desires / not expecting to get something in return; that is what it is ALL about. Welfare scam. Men using the women as slaves. It's no different than what went on years back with slaves. One man, he's GOD, and all the others are his slave. Women are FORCED TO MARRY AT 15 YEARS OLD ! sometimes 14. And are then expected to start birthing children. For more money from welfare. They are all on welfare. Yet own tons of companies around Creston. Its not right. When a person is born they are brought up to think they are to obey their Father. Marry when Winston tells them to. And start having babies (with sometimes a cousin or father/step-father) right away ! No one has "dreams". They don't know what a dream is. Unless it's the repeated dream of them getting raped by their Grandpa when they were 10. Females are brought up to serve the men. That is all they know. They aren't educated so they can't "dream" about being ANYTHING. They don't know enough to leave the place because they KNOW NOTHING. They are brainwashed to hate everyone who lives in Creston. They are brainwashed to do what they are told by Winston, and NOTHING MORE. "Yet to the outside world this way of life has been presented as immoral." It IS immoral. If you were around you would see it. And you would be as upset with it as I. It is not right to use women as slaves. I hope someone reads this. I would make my point more clear if I knew someone would care. Someone please do something about this ! PLEASE. If I could, I would. I have met 3 young teenagers who did leave their community, acutally Talk to me. They had never seen TV. Never drank a beer. Nothing. Not a single thing normal teenagers do. And perhaps THAT is immoral. But at least normal kids have the choice. Kids in bountiful Could be normal. If they weren't brainwashed from the time they're in the womb. I don't know what it was the 3 kids I met had thought. But they actually had the thought in their brain, "hey, maybe there's something out there". "And maybe the people out there aren't as bad as I was brought up to think." They left, and I Thank God they did. The things those kids told me broke my heart. I don't know how "society" (HA) would let this happen to WOMEN and BABIES. Think about it. They grow up thinking people like me are the Devil. All I want is what's right for the children and women. Is there anything wrong with me wanting what is right for them. I think not. I could stop the rest of the women in that town for being treated the way they are being treated. As slaves. If only they could understand I'm not that bad. I want what is right. And nothing more. They need to get out of there. See the world. See anything but what they are shown there. There is a whole world, those ladies are being trapped like prisoners. That is wrong... THAT is evil. THAT IS IMMORAL. They know no other way. I don't even know how to describe how messed up their lives are. They know nothing. Someone PLEASE do something.


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