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Vancouver Province reporter, David Carrigg, is reporting that a close friend of accused Mr. Willy Pickton, Scott Chubb was a paid informant to the RCMP. Iin January and February 2002, it has been stated that Mr. Chubb was paid one thousand, four hundred dollars for information received.

Mr. Scott Chubb had a lengthy association with Mr. Pickton and was working in some capacity or another for him.

Last week, I had reported here on my blog that Mr. Chubb claimed to have a book deal in the works and was going to receive the one hundred thousand dollar reward money for the missing women, now murdered women's cases.

Once again concerning for the public, is what Mr. Chubb knew, when he may have had information on these horrific murders and did he knowingly participate in concealing information on how many Downtown Eastside women's DNA and body parts came to be discovered on the Pickton farm until he was ready to cash in?

Essentially did he only open his mouth to capitalize financially on these horrific murders?

The RCMP also need to come clean on whether Mr. Chubb was considered a suspect in some of these murders?

The Missing Women's Task Force has a quandary on their hands if they considered Mr. Chubb a suspect, yet were paying him as an informant regarding the murders now alleged to have been committed by Mr. Pickton.

In this nightmare being played out in a New Westminister courtroom, the public has had glimpses into other individuals who had regular contact at that Port Coquitlam farm and with the accused, Mr. Willy Pickton.

Many of these individuals have troubled pasts and many have engaged in criminal activities. What their roles were in regard to the carnage which went on at or near that farm needs to be explored.

Unfortunately, neither the RCMP, the Missing Women's Task Force or the Crown will speak out on this matter. They claim they are unable to do so as not to create a mistrial.

Whether there has been any information concealed needs to be explored. Has there been any cover-ups in order to solicit information? Will others who are criminally involved be spared in exchange for information?

These are just a few of the reasons why a fact finding mission needs to be implemented.

There is nothing written in law which precludes a public inquiry but it will not happen unless the public demands it.

Pressure must be brought before the government demanding answers to the Port Coquitlam carnage.

We need to know why others still haven't been charged?

Most importantly, we need to be assured that those involved in criminal activities at that farm are not able to escape justice or more obscenely are being paid for their involvement in criminal activities which surround the most horrific crimes ever committed in North America.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FWIW I still have the suspicion that Pickton has been set up by others who committed these horrible acts. With his seeming lack of intelligence, he seems to be the perfect, most convienient target for a set-up.

In this article, it seems David Pickton knew what was happening - I quote: David Pickton told police that his brother Robert "just got rid of the bodies," Insp. Adam testified. David spoke to police on Feb. 23, 2002, the day after his brother was arrested for murder, the officer said.

Lots of people seemed to know what was going on - horrible crimes - but nobody says anything. The only person being held accountable is not 'the sharpest knife in the drawer'.

At 5:53 AM, Blogger George Dargus said...

What a trip if it turns out it was a murdering "family", like Manson's. Very good blogs, Jamie!

At 11:51 PM, Blogger Wanderlusting said...

Hey Jaime, did you know that both your blog and my blog are mentioned under some jerk's Crappy Vancouver Blogs forum. Just thought I would let you know...seems like if we are pissing off people enough to get mentioned, we must be doing something right. Check out the jealousy here.

Keep blogging!

At 12:28 AM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

Thanks Wanderlusting thanks for the tip. Love your Blog!!

And the pics are great too!


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