Friday, April 20, 2007

More on Kevin Potvin

Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


A week ago, I wrote a piece on the Kevin Potvin drama which was unfolding in the news. Kevin, as folks recall was being crucified for expressing his feelings regarding 9-11.

I defended Kevin's freedom of speech rights. I articulated my opinion regarding his contributions to the betterment of Vancouver.

In my blog piece, I chose a word which now seems out of place. I had this pointed out to me by another writer.

I said, people should treat Kevin with compassion for opening himself up in such a personal way.

After reflection, I believe the word compassion was incorrectly used.

If my poor choice of the word, compassion, offended those who were outraged by Mr. Potvin's expression of feelings, I do apologize for causing you further unease or distress.

Many of us had different feelings than Kevin. However, again, I believe Mr. Potvin has the right, as any journalist does, to freely express himself, no matter how repugnant we may find those feelings to be.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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