Thursday, May 17, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Well a day after the DERA/APC protest more news is coming out that these guys are fat cats. Or at least their wallets are.

How so you say?

Well allegedly, this morning, Russ Cunningham, a staff member of DERA and father of APC instigator and DERA staff member, David Cunningham, was flush with $11,000.00 in hard cold cash. It appears he was given this cash by DERA for as yet, unexplained reasons.

So why is a group with $15 million in housing assets, handling such large sums of cash? Really interesting is that DERA is currently under investigation and being audited by BC Housing. Hence, you would think they might be smarter than using large amounts of cash for whatever reason.

No question DERA has bills to pay but usually they are flowed through normal and proper accounting processes.

This unusual method of giving a staff member, $11, 000.00 is concerning for a number of reasons.

Where did this cash come from and for what reason(s) was it provided to a staff member and one who is so closely aligned with the APC gang?

Another major question arising is whether DERA has some significant cash which, I allege, it isn't accounting for?

It seems to me when someone deals in large amounts of cash, instead of using proper and accountable mechanisms, like a bank, this may be indicative of something way more serious.

This city already has a serious money laundering problem and I want to be clear here that I am not accusing DERA of this.

DERA, however, as a public, registered non-profit and charitable organization, need to come clean on why, they as a poverty rights organization are dealing with such large untraceable amounts of cash.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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