Monday, October 01, 2007


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


Hi Jamie Lee?

I emailed you once before to tell you how much of a genious you are . I check your blog from time to time because I really like your reporting . I've noticed your new updates. May I just offer the following, there's nothing wrong with eating a steak dinner . I think it's a good meal, moreover I think the . It is my understanding healthy eating is more about cutting out junk food, pop, sugar, and regulating salt intake and other important minerals. May I suggest to see a naturopath for professional ideas? May I also suggest to just try the following for even one week and see how you feel. My friend Judy Fox is a bigger woman and she drinks her juice every morning and walks to work, she's still big, but has lost a lot of weight, and more importantly she feels healthy. Get a juicer and the staple is 2 apples, 1 orange, 1 carrot, 1 celery, and 2 pieces of other fruit. Or whatever is on sale at the produce . It tastes good and really gives you a boost. I'm a young guy and when I drink my juice ( it makes 22 oz roughly ) I guzzle down the whole thing and can really feel the boost when I get on my bike . My friend Judy just turned 4 9 and she swears by this juice every morning, a vitamin a day, walking, and feeling positive. I just hate it when someone thinks they can't order a steak dinner at the keg and they need to stick to a salad. If this isn't anything close to what your thinking, I'm sorry but try the juice . I don't know why I wrote this, I like your reporting and from sounds of DAY 2 I thought I might help? Confident you will succeed, Mike

Thanks for the kind words and advice Mike -- really appreciated! JL


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