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At the Peter Ladner debate and reception for NPA members on Tuesday, June 3, former Sam Sullivan booster and NPA board member, Alex Tsakumis was seen mixing in the crowd. Mr. Tsakumis as many of my readers may recall, had a huge public falling out in 2006 with Mayor Sam Sullivan and members of Sam Sullivan's team.

Some of you might be saying well Jamie Lee what is so interesting about that. Well folks, Mr. Tsakumis is a proud federal Conservative member who once worked for Premier Vander Zalm but what was so interesting about his attendance at the Ladner reception is that Mr. Tsakumis early in the Vancouver Mayoral race, jumped on the bandwagon of Gregor Robertson, the New Democrat MLA for Vancouver-Fairview. Imagine a Conservative supporting a New Democrat. That's quite a leap I'd say.

While Mr Tsakumis became infamously and notoriously known for his scathing personal attacks on Mayor Sam Sullivan, he also on many occasions took pot-shots at Councillor Ladner in many of his op-ed pieces which began appearing regularly in 24 Hours. Better 24 hours than My Bali I guess. Much cheaper.

Now though, it seems Mr. Tsakumis has had another turn-about and in today's 24 Hours, his column actually is favorable toward Councillor Ladner and I'm not certain it was due to the free booze Mr. Tsakumis was seen slurping up at the Peter Ladner reception.

Pundits I have spoken with think Mr.Tsakumis has had a change of heart because there is growing perception that Mr. Ladner may well win the NPA nomination on Sunday and Mr. Tsakumis knows that if Peter Ladner wins the Mayoral race, he will easily whip Mr. Robertson, who Mr. Tsakumis has professed to be Vancxouver's next Mayor.

Whether though Mr. Robertson can beat his challengers over at Vision, which is the NDP municipal farm team is still unknown.

According to K.K Wan, a Chinese Media commentator, conservative Chinese voters could never bring themselves to vote for a New Democrat, even though Mr Tsakumis appears able to. However, that is a whole other matter which is best left for another day. If Councillor Ladner prevails on Sunday, those Chinese voters need to park their vote somewhere and I expect it will be with Mr. Ladner.

In any event, with political momentum shifting to Peter Ladner, these developments, I've been informed provided Mr. Tsakumis many restless nights and apparently, it has been alleged, not even his fondness for midnight calls could reduce his anxiety.

Really funny is that in today's 24 Hours, Mr Tsakumis for some reason took a swipe at yours truly. Imagine that. I happened to make a comment in one of my earlier blog postings that if COPE didn't run a Mayoral candidate, they could expect a similar result to what happened to them in 2005. That time they wound up winning one Council seat.

This simple fact somehow set off Mr. Tsakumis who really went off the deep end, spewing that I was promoting Mr. Ladner's competition.

Hm correct me if I'm wrong but COPE hasn't made any decision if they are running a Mayoral candidate and how Mr. Tsakumis could realistically charge that I'm promoting competition for Mr. Ladner is really distorted thinking.

Mr. Ladner's competition is Mayor Sullivan and anyone who knows me is aware that I am lobbying heavily for Councillor Ladner. I am one of his endorsers and I hosted a Wine and Cheese reception in April for him.

If COPE does run a Mayoral candidate this is actually good for democracy and I think Councillor Ladner would welcome various challengers as this would provide opportunities to highlight policy differences so that voters are able to make informed choices around what is in their best interests and the public interest.

Somehow though Mr. Tsakumis doesn't believe in this type of democracy and one wonders why? From Conservative to New Democrat. A giant political leap for sure but what's next Mr. Tsakumis, perhaps one-party Communist rule?

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 6:51 PM, Anonymous Kurtis Scramstad said...

" If COPE does run a Mayoral candidate this is actually good for democracy.. "

Oh, right, and nothing to do with the fact it would help your buddy Pete out?

Since you're such a big supporter of things democratic, and an obvious federal Liberal supporter, (if not member), then why don't you give Stephane Dion a call and ask him how his Liberal friends in Central Nova are doing?

At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you that dumb? You REALLY think Ladner could easily beat Robertson? I know you're pulling for ladner, but get real. Robertson's got all the momentum and every credible journalist is saying Ladner is toast. Just look at the membership difference between the NPA's 4,000 and the 13,000 vision has to show that.

At 7:23 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

The voters will make their decision on November 15 but in true fashion of what I have come to expect from Mr. Robertson and his supporters, so much arrogance.

Oh yes and didn't all those credible journalists predict Jim Green beating Sam Sullivan in 2005? Guess what happened. Oh right you already know that silly me!


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