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Vancouver, BC


I was shocked to see Ellen Woodsworth, former City Councillor in her public profile on Facebook, laying claim to serving on council from 1992-2002. Hm that is a bit of a stretch considering Ms Woodsworth only served three years on Council.

Note to Ellen. I hope that was simply a typo and not an attempt to mislead the voters.

Speaking of misleading, I had an interesting conversation with a former President of an NDP riding association who was completely shocked to learn that she has appeared on ythe Win with Woodsworth website as an endorser. Perhaps you may want to check-in with her Ms Woodsworth because she wasn't very happy about this.

Ellen, I also noticed you were not at Tim 'Che' Louis 50 birthday. Were you not invited dear?

Speaking of friends, I see you are Facebook friends with Hilary Ostrov.

Is this the same Hilary Ostrov who while serving as executive director at the Richmond Society for Special People now called Richmond Society for Community Living, who was vehemently opposed to the union certification vote at the society in 1988?

I organized that Union drive back then and it was a very difficult process due to the anti-union animus, however, the union certification was successful with only 3 votes against.

Anyway Ellen have a great campaign. I must say you are off to an interesting start dear!

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Truth serum on the way... said...

Listen up, Buffalo Betty, maybe you should be more worried about how your campaign will soon end rather than how Ellen's campaign has started...

Queen of Hearts..More like Queen of Brain Farts..

At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I must say, Jamie Lee, that this post is rather offensive and a really cheap shot against a political rival.

Perhaps you might have a chance at succeeding in this election if you stop with these smear campaigns against people you disagree with and start an honest and straightforward campaign.

I was a supporter of yours but this post is the last straw, so-to-speak. This is a blatant attempt to damage the reputation of a political opponent, and that is a rather disgraceful tactic in a civic election.

At 7:12 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

Informing voters of interesting news on other candidates is hardly offensive. How silly.

At 7:19 PM, Anonymous Peter had no balls to toss you himself said...

When was the last time you turned a trick?

I have the must be very mentally ill to think that you belong in public life. You are a cheap smear merchant and you will have to answer for the shit you have thrown at people. But you are so screwed in the head that this is the kind of stuff that feeds your demented ego.

Naturally you will claim that people are condemning you because you're a tranny, but is that true? You've been milking it for a long time.

Your bucket just ran dry.

You only run comments that you think you can manipulate to claim marginalization, otherwise, you're a washed up t4m.

Time to order another bucket from the Colonel.

At 9:16 PM, Anonymous peter pan said...

Well at least Ellen's party recognizes that she is a nomination candidate. Why is it that Frances Bula keeps insisting that you are not even a declared NPA nomination candidate??!?!

Only July 26, 2008, you write:

"My work is cut out for me since there are numerous candidates vying for the 3 spots left on the NPA Parks slate. While challenging, I never believed standing for an NPA endorsement would in any event be easy".

Now I'm confused? Are you a candidate or are you not?

At 5:18 AM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

Peter Pan,

I guess you would need to direct your question to Ms Bula.

But thanks for raising this matter. Like all candidates I was required to submit a lengthy application and was interviewed late last week as part of that process.

My understanding is that the committee makes a recommendation to the NPA board. The NPA board does not meet until next week so I suspect at that time, I will be able to declare if I'm a candidate or not.


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