Sunday, September 21, 2008


Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


To all the candidates who contested for Vision nominations, I congratulate you all for putting your name forward and campaigning hard to bring your ideas and vision to the municipal stage.

In politics, the road to success is a difficult one but your supporters will continue to be there with you so keep the faith and never falter.

I especially want to congratulate Ken Clement, an Aboriginal leader who secured the final Vision Vancouver school board slot. Way to go Ken! Perhaps finally, an Aboriginal will be elected to municipal office. I can't wait to see that door booted in and one day I even hope to join you.

To Rob Wynen you are a winner and so are you James Gill. I hope the both of you don't give up since you have so much to offer this City. Your work speaks volumes about dedication, commitment, hard work and compassion. Continue on!

Hadani Ditmars, girl please press on with your dream. Your light is contagious and I'm certain the citizens are looking ahead to Hadaini Ditmars gracing the chamber! Never look back just keep your eye on the prize. Your independent streak garnered you lots of support and you can do it.

Sarah, Constance and Aaron now we await your ideas. Congratulations!

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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