Monday, September 01, 2008


Rally To Protest NPA “Intolerance and Discrimination”

Tuesday Evening Event Called In Support of Jamie Lee Hamilton

Event: Rally To Protest NPA’s Shut-Out of Jamie Lee Hamilton
Date: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 Time: 7 pm
Venue: Little Sisters Book Store / 1238 Davie Street


Former City Councillor Alan Herbert;
Little Sisters co-owner Jim Deva;
Michael Harding, past executive-director of The Centre;
Parks Commissioners Loretta Woodcock and Spencer Herbert;
2010 Cooperative brothel campaigner Sue Davis;
Chinatown community leader David Wong;
Esther Shannon, founding member of FIRST
and others.

Contact: Jamie Lee Hamilton at 778.329.1981

On Friday, August 29 at 5pm NPA park board hopeful, Jamie Lee Hamilton was called by the NPA board and informed that they were denying her the opportunity to run as a candidate for municipal office this November 2008. They were refusing to allow her candidacy to come before the membership in a free and democratic vote.

The reasons that Ms Hamilton was turned away were based on her sex worker history and an old online advertisement from 2000 which appeared on a transsexual website called She-male Canada.

"I honestly thought that we had overcome these types of issues 40 years ago when Pierre Trudeau proclaimed the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation, but apparently the NPA hasn't accepted or adopted this thinking", states Ms Hamilton.

Jim Deva, co-owner of Little Sisters Bookstore is a personal friend of Jamie Lee Hamilton and was outraged upon learning of this human rights violation.

States Deva: "This issue goes to the very core of disrespect, discrimination, intolerance, ignorance, bigotry and injustice. For a party in 2008 to be displaying these types of abuses is absolutely outrageous".

A rally condemning the NPA actions will be held on Tuesday, September 2 2008, at 7 pm in the parking lot of Little Sisters Bookstore, 1238 Davie Street

Confirmed speakers so far include:

Jim Deva, co-owner of Little Sisters Bookstore
Sue Davis, Leader for a 2010 Cooperative brothel for sex workers
Mike Harding, past Executive Director of the Centre
Alan Herbert, former City Councillor
Park Commissioner Loretta Woodcock
Park Commissioner Spencer Herbert
David Wong, Chinatown Leader


At 10:28 AM, Anonymous David Wong said...


Thanks for placing my name here as one of the Speakers. You've identified me as "Chinatown community leader"... actually, other members of my extended family are the real leaders - I'm just a supporter of people whose actions speak louder than words. You're a results person... not another pretty talking head. Our City has seen nothing but an endless parade of feel good bantering pretenders.

Here we have an opportunity to show the rest of the world how truly diverse and tolerant we are, and what does the NPA do? They toss away this opportunity ...probably because they know that JLH is not a follower, but a leader, and a smart and proven one at that.

We hear of talk of "fixin' our Downtown eastside"... what better way to do than to have someone from this community work from within? Instead, we get ivory tower, preppy wind bags promising nonsense. There are already signals that our DTES will be used as a prop for the photo ops come Civic election time.

So unless you are a member of the sheep family, where you just follow - you're not welcome.

It seems that this NPA party has just placed themselves in a not so Cozy corner (and I'm not talking about the old E Hastings & Columbia corner).

This old political Party has proven once again, that this here City... is a NO FUN, NO Joy place.

... and "tolerant" and "diverse" only in words, but not in truth.

At 11:00 AM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...


Very well said. Thank You! You are indeed a leader as well as your entire family. The Wong family are known for their caring, compassion and support of city initiatives which have bettered this city.

I miss the Cozy Corner just as I miss so much of our old hood.

Now more than ever we need really strong leadership.

Someone like former Mayor Owen is sorely needed at the helm in this City. You think we can talk him out of retirement?

At 12:22 PM, Anonymous David Wong said...

It was nice seeing Philip Owen and his lovely wife the other night...

but Mr Owen has already experienced the "collective intelligence" of the NPA... and thus helped pave the way for a COPE victory. So, I don't think he'd want to grace their party with his leadership again.

I firmly believe that the current NPA spinners are the best thing that could have been given to Vision Vancouver and to COPE.

These other civic parties have just had their prayers answered... and are probably getting wet dreams over how good it has become.

This really sucks as Peter Ladner may feel the backlash... and Mr Ladner is the best man for the Mayor's job.


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