Friday, October 10, 2008


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Vancouver, BC

Here Come the Independents

Today at 4pm, Vancouver municipal nominations closed for Mayor, City Council, School and Park boards.

Besides the big and smaller party slate candidates, a number of high profile Independent candidates are running and this will make the races lively and spirited affairs.

Running for Mayor is the Prince of Pot, Marc Emery and I'm certain Marc will puff up the Mayoral race. The youngest candidate ever to run for Mayor, Scott Yee has once again stepped forward and I'm certain we can expect on occasion, Mr Yee to articulate some really interesting language.

Running for Council is Wendy Thirteen who manages the popular grunge bar, the Cobalt and she has by far the best hair of all candidates.

Crusader for the homeless and recently retired university professor, Lea Johnson no doubt will fire away at the lack of political will to address homelessness in this City. Lea will touch our hearts as will Audrey Jane LaFerriere who is fighting to have Storyeum designated a homeless shelter.

John Boychuk, President of Pride has filed nomination papers and we can expect Mr Boychuk to place queer issues high on the agenda.

At the park board level, Juliet Andalis who hails from the Philippines is taking another run.

Of course, yours truly has mounted her high-spirited Queen of the Parks campaign. Hopefully the Queen's not-your-politics-as-usual-style will demonstrate that running as an Independent isn't a lost cause.

Richard Mayencourt, brother of former MLA, Lorne Mayencourt is also running as an Independent as is renowned tattoo artist, actor and puppy lover, Thomas Lockhart. Mr Lockhart is the boyfriend to Queen of the parking tickets, School Trustee, Sharon Gregson.

Check out the City of Vancouver website at for a complete listing of Independent candidates who filed papers by the 4pm deadline.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 10:28 AM, Anonymous Gölök Z Buday said...

"Interesting Language"
Amazing he got back from Trawna (Toronto) just in time, and to share more globalist policy (World Government Coalition) on a municipal level. Split the Marijuanna Party vote is between him (ran in Toronto for them) and Emery.


Kadioglu and Oracle are chopped lettus??
Matt Kadioglu's a frequent Libertarian Candidate in Vancouver-Kingsway; come to think of it I ran 4 times as of now. Betty K, WLP is also a Van-East Candidate now. No vote Haskell is running for Council (mayor last time like Space Man Yee).
Still they shut out too many with this fascist nomination system a bylaw I want to put an end to, on all levels, I am sure there is a right and freedom or two violated here. But it is sad to see so few independents and non-incumbent parties.
It's sad that it's easier to put the ballot questions on there. Very inhuman and very anti-independent and anti-voter choice.
Ask the incumbent and incumbent partisans (with the exception of Romaniuk who opposes this and proved it) if they are pro choice and if they say yes call them a liar if your up to it. This is the choice of choices in a democrasy of any kind.

To Liberty!

Gölök Z Buday
"Apathy is the root of all evil's enabling." -- Gölök Zoltán Leenderdt Franco Buday


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