Friday, December 12, 2008


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Vancouver, BC


Longtime City Manager Judy Rogers has just been fired by the new governing party at Vancouver City Hall. Mayor Robertson obviously has already shown us his weak side as he couldn't stand up to those who were demanding Ms Rogers head.

Judy Rogers has worked as City Manager since 1999. Before that she was deputy City manager. Even when COPE took power in 2002 they didn't feel the need to axe the City Manager.

So why has Vision decided to fire at this time--without cause--one of the most respected bureaucrats in Vancouver?

Chattering classes seem to think it may have something to do with the leak which occured at City Hall regarding the bail-out of Olympic Village.

Ms Rogers obviously has inside information that could be damming regarding the leak and what better way to silence her in the ongoing investigation which is exploring those who might be responsible for tampering with in-camera city documents. Moreover, the investigation will look at who was trespassing in the secure Councillor offices where someone after leaking the documents, later placed the stolen in-camera documents inside the office of retiring City Councillor BC Lee.

Mr. Richard Peck, the lawyer hired by the City to oversee the City investigation, most likely will not interview Ms Rogers since she isn't any longer a City employee. It is likely that she agreed to a severance package and with that comes a written confidentiality agreement.

Unfortunately for the citizens of Vancouver, Ms Rogers if she has signed a confidentiality agreement will not be able to shed any light on this troublesome and criminal matter regarding in-camera leaks and trespass.

Vision has a lot of explaining to do but they too will hide under their confidentiality agreement with Ms Rogers.

So if anyone is wondering who is responsible for the leak look no further than to someone who might be responsible for pushing Ms Rogers out the door.

It seems with the departure of Ms Rogers that the in-camera leak will now be covered up.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 2:22 AM, Anonymous VanRamblings said...

Jamie: Of course, there was every good reason to fire Judy Rogers.

Despite Ms. Rogers' protestations of impartiality, all you had to do was attend Council meetings (or watch the meetings on Shaw) to witness the disrespect she showed Vision and COPE councillors whenever they asked a question which might cause the ruling NPA to be seen in a bad light. Dreadful.

Not to mention other egregious abuses of her power: forcing an absolutely unnecessary 311 system on the citizens of Vancouver (at a cost of millions of dollars), hiring her mentor -- Gordon Campbell's disgraced former Deputy Minister -- Ken Dobell, for a task force on homelessness.

And this: when, in 2006, the City's Budget Director recommended a legal budget of $100,000 for the Board of Variance, working with Peter Ladner, Judy Rogers slashed that budget to $3,000, and then sent her lapdog, Brent McGregor, to Council, to have the Board dismissed when the Board exceeded the ludicrously low $3000 'limit'.

Mr. McGregor ended up feeling so abused by Ms. Rogers' abusive use of him in this Board of Variance fiasco that he tendered his resignation once he'd done her dirty work.

Non-political, non-partisan? Shyeeah, right.

Good riddance, Judy Rogers.

At 6:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont you think this has more to do with her inactions during the strike and not still being able to settle the firemans ongoing 700 day without a contract . people need to give there heads a shake and wake up dont do your job correctly you get fired . Judy had no problems with that type of thinking in her own meetings with city employees...but some people always wear sunglasses

At 7:46 AM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

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