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This is a great opportunity for women and even men who are considering running for political office sometime in the future. In the political arena women lag behind and realistically should make up 50% of elected officials, however, we don't and this has to change. I have run in a number of elections as an Independent and have a pretty good idea of how campaigns work but I'm going to take the course this year and I suspect I will learn things that I haven't considered before--JLH.

Women's Campaign School - register today and support tomorrow!On

March 27 – 29, the Canadian Women Voters Congress will host the 2009 Women’s Campaign School ( at SFU Harbour Centre in Vancouver.

The School is a unique and inspiring 3 day course offering women the tools they need to engage in the political process. Training includes:

The ABCs of Government • Campaign Strategies • Securing the Nomination • Campaign Ethics • Media Relations • Presentation Skills and Public Speaking

Early bird registration for this year’s School runs from Feb 2 – 22, with general registration closing March 13 – click here to register:

Please spread the word to the women you know!



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