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Vancouver, BC


In today's downtown edition of the Vancouver Courier, I couldn't believe my eyes when I read Courier Editor Barry Link's defence of his ranting colleague Mark Hasiuk.

As some of my readers may know Courier columnist Mark Hasiuk was turfed from a meeting two weeks ago in which he wasn't invited. This expulsion gave rise to one of the most horrible, blistery, misogynist and venomous pieces I have seen in news reporting.

Instead of calling his colleague on the carpet, Mr Link worsens matters when today he uses his paper ( not un-similar to Hasiuk) to state what a great guy Mr Hasiuk is. Link's glowing account of Mark Hasiuk is allegedly based on how Hasiuk gives a homeless guy beside their office some food, coaches a kid's hockey team (poor kids) and volunteers with Downtown Eastside residents.

Spare me the platitudes Mr Link but the women who Mr Hasiuk demeaned, ridiculed, belittled and directed shame and hate at are also giving, terrific, nurturing and wonderful women in the community. We have assisted and nursed friends, given money to those begging on the streets, donated to countless charitable groups and causes, advocate for our homeless, lower-income & poor people, volunteer with countless organizations, provide leadership skills to many terrific organizations and work to stamp out hate. In fact our worth is not any different than most women in this City who also do the same.

To be called by a creepy guy, old white women, rabid, heavily-made-up with bleach-blonde hair and calling one female service owner a pimp does not in any way contribute to the betterment of society.

Is it any wonder that women shy away from entering politics or taking on leadership roles especially with this type of boorish behaviour.

Mr.Link next time you wish to defend your ranting colleague please spare us the indignant platitudes if you don't mind.

Your news columnist was wrong when he belittled and ridiculed a number of female participants attending a forum. Calling us horrific names merely because we had been invited to attend and share our opinions at the forum organized by SFU communications students is sheer stupidity.

Just because your news reporter wasn't invited to this private forum and because he was asked to leave by the student organizers should not give rise to these types of disgusting attacks.

And shame on you Mr Link for not being professional or mature enough to correct a wrong.

If Mr. Peter Ballard who had great respect for women and diverse communities, was still publisher at the Courier, I suspect he never would have allowed the misogynist rant of Mr Hasiuk to appear in the paper. Moreover, I doubt he would be defending a juvenile reporter who is prone to hissy fits.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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