Thursday, May 06, 2010

An Apology to the DMS is Due

Oldtown News
Vancouver, BC


While I still have strong feelings over how a few DMS lifetime members are being treated or were mistreated by other lifetime members, however, I should not have painted the whole DMS organization with the same brush.

This is overdue and although I never harboured ill will toward Mike Murrell or Iona Whipp, last year's Emperor and Empress and you both should be congratulated for giving selflessly of your time and raising $20,000 for charity. It also remains my sincerest hope that the DMS realizes it should be more careful in its operating costs so that even more can be given away to charitable groups.

Further, I sincerely hope that the new DMS doesn't forget its past and that it recognizes that the founder ted northe, Empress of Canada and Empress 11 Mona Lee should be treated with respect and dignity because without them and our amazing first Empress Charity St Peters there would be no Dogwood Monarchist Society and we may not have gained our equality rights now enshrined in our Charter.

While some may take my apology as a sign of weakness, I however don't. I must shoulder some responsibility in the dust-up which has occured and this apology is in recognition of that.

I was called some very nasty names by DMS supporters including that I should have been fed to the pigs and while forgiveness is in my heart I just realize how heinous some people can be within our own community and so I can't or won't ever easily forget this.

I want to also thank two beautiful Vancouver, BC Empresses who sent me posts in the last few days expressing their concern over my recent misadventure with the pavement. This outpouring of concern again demonstrates to me that the DMS has some very worthy qualities to it and so I express my gratitude to Empress 1 Charity St Peters and Empress XXXV Jaylene Tyme and I hope this does not get you into trouble girls!

Vancouver is so often known for its uniqueness and while this battle among Royals was aired in a very public and nasty way, my gosh, it was even bigger than the battle in Seattle in 1981 between two factions of Royals there which were aptly named by each opposing side as the Summit Sluts vs the Belmont Beauties. Summit and Belmont referred to the streets these Queens lived on.

Somehow over time these two sides settled their differences and trust me their battle ranked right up there with ours.

I am hopeful that at the end of the day so can the Royalty here in Vancouver, BC Canada. All I know is that with so many Royalty having been taken from us and with the right-wing breathing down our necks and who would like to see us exterminated, I am hopeful that the current crop of DMS'ers which fundraises for charity don't forget the earlier DMS'ers who also are equally worthy for setting us down a path which secured us human rights in this Country and that alone must be treated with the greatest of respect.

Once again my apologies for my participation which gave rise to airing our laundry in a very unfortunate way.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 6:17 AM, Anonymous Kevin Dale McKeown (Q.Q.) said...

A gracious finale (one hopes that's final) from Lady Hamilton to an undignified and too-public spat among the Royals.

The founders of the Dogwood Court, for all that a few of them take themselves a bit too seriously, were of the same character as the drag queens who sparked the gay revolution at Stonewall and Ted and Mona and Charity and others should never be treated with anything but the utmost respect and dignity. The current crop of queer community leaders stand on their shoulders.

Onwards and upwards girls!



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