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Vancouver, BC


Sean Horlor, who previously was a speechwriter for BC Premier Gordon Campbell is now busy promoting stupidity and sexual fluff on the online version of Xtrawest but in his recent posting he takes a shot at drug addicted people and sex workers in the Downtown Eastside for some unknown reason.

In his latest ramble where he is shilling for a new restaurant on East Hastings besides Army and Navy, he states that until his new favourite restaurant came along previously the only type of breakfast one could obtain in the area, were crack addicts and prostitutes.

Mr Horlor, a West End resident is out to lunch in his latest diatribe. Clearly if he knew anything about the area, he would know first that East Hastings has a neighborhood name and its not called Crosstown as he calls it, moreover, the Tinseltown area he refers to in his piece does not exist. Tinseltown is a group of theatres in the International Village complex and there is no Tinseltown area.

If Mr Horlor knew the area he writes about, he also would know that there are many spots serving up good breakfasts which they have been doing for years. And at very affordable prices. These include the Smile, Mitzies, the Potluck Cafe, Carnegie Centre, the lunch counter at Save-on Meats, The Ovaltine and the many Chinese restaurants along Pender with their own brand of ChinCan breakfasts which are really cute.

So just because Mr Horlor is now visiting Chinatown and the Downtown Eastside where he works out and apparently has a new fuck buddy, he really shows a lack of respect for the area and its citizens. In fact his piece is a blatant put-down of this longstanding community which ironically over the years was the only neighborhood accepting of the gay lifestyle and where the early gay bars were located and our community was welcomed.

Interesting many people are talking and wondering how a once smart man has gone from being a speechwriter to being what can best be described as a sex pig whose writing has become somewhat of a joke since his column's only focus is on self-promotion for himself,his friends, circuit parties and businesses which he promotes.

You would think though that Xtrawest editor Robin Perelle would edit his work especially when it becomes so inaccurate and disrespectful as is the current piece.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


At 11:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG. Your comments about Sean totally made my night. And I totally agree with you. Now go after Tommy D and other people who regularly trash-talk your neighbourhood and profession.

At 11:48 AM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

Hi there, I haven't known Tommy D to trash talk my neighborhood or sex workers but if you have specidfic info please pass it along.

Sean Horlor is a mess. Plain and simple. He is in with that designer drug crowd and doing the circuit parties and they actually think they are somehow better than Downtown Eastside drug users/addicts. They are no different so they should not be putting anyone else in order to raise themselves up.

At 7:40 PM, Blogger lindsay said...

Jamie Lee, do you really think it's fair to make such uneducated claims about Sean Horlor (running with the "designer drug crowd") when you are pointing the finger at him for making uneducated statements about your neighbourhood?

You're so busy saying he hasn't put the legwork in to know about that neighbourhood, but have you done your legwork on Sean Horlor or are you making assumptions and basing your facts on rumors?

Isn't his article about exploring a new neighbourhood and promoting what he finds as he finds it? Why not be supportive and promote your neighbourhood by suggesting places for others to try and by presenting your thoughts in a neutral and friendly manner?

People say Victoria (where I live) is boring as all hell, full of all sorts of problems and lacks all kinds of things but instead of getting angry and defensive, I encourage people
to see Victoria through my eyes.

Just sayin'...

At 8:24 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

Lindsay if the shoe fits.....

Sean Horlor attacked a longstanding Community and a number of its residents and so he was taken to task on this.

If he had done his homework he would know that there are many wonderful qualities to my neighborhood and further we have many terrific, clean and affordable places to eat.

By the way how can you say the Downtown Eastside is a new neighborhood? It is the oldest part of the City. Further Mr Horlor can explore all he wants and recommend places but he did not need to dis the people who live here or the community.

In fact I have never known any of his postings to dis the designer drug users which he associates with at the many various parties he attends. He was merely building himself up by putting others down and this is despicable.

If Mr Horlor wants to create class warfare why didn't he stay working for the right wing government he shilled for?

At 8:30 PM, Blogger lindsay said...

On a sidenote, I meant new to him, not new to Vancouver.

At 8:55 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

Lindsay, well as a gay blogger perhaps Mt Horlor should have explored the historical gay birthplace of Vancouver but after his nasty comments I suspect perhaps he was too good to explore this community until now. I guess the atea's gentrification fits in with his lifestyle. And I also think some gentrification is good but unlike your friend I don't think we need to trash the more unfortunate residents of the area.


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