Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Blogging Coming of Age

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Blogging Coming of Age

Hi All!

Well since I started blogging in early June, I wondered if actual people would read my opinions and thoughts. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that lots of people actually do. This concept of blogging has given us wannabee writers an opportunity to strut our stuff. Note to mainstream media, lots of young people who find papers,radio and TV not doing it for them,instead are tuning in to the uncensored, unedited, say it like it is world of blogging.

In fact, the Democratic National Convention in the good old USA has decided to treat bloggers just like any other media, hence, bloggers can now apply for media credentials at the upcoming DNC love-fest. Apparently, 60 individuals have already applied for media passes. I suspect the organizers will target the most widely read and popular in terms of allocation of media passes. And surprise surprise, the GOP of Bush fame has the Republicans following suit. Mmmmmmm I wonder if Rachel Marsden will cover the convention. Let's hope she keeps her wits!!!

So friends, neighbours, admirers and yes even enemies, please continue reading me or talking about me. I hope to receive media credentials at our Canadian leadership conventions so I need your support. Perhaps mainstream media may even print a few of my articles. Besides I always know how to get the dirt. Speaking of juicy tidbits, just a few days b4 the federal election, I was having a great lunch with my fabulous friends Mike and Cindy. Sitting a few tables away from us, was an elected School Trustee of the Left. With her, was her husband, who was seeking a seat for the Communist party. Never being one to miss anything, I observed hubby wearing red toenail polish. All I can say to those staid communists is this, if your going to be a transvestite, could you at least shave the Beard!!!!

Anyway friends and germs please remember to bookmark http://www.downtowneastside.blogspot.com for all your uncensored news. I love you all. And remember I'm always open for lunch offers providing of course that you pay. That is of course as the Left says, I'm not Out to Lunch......

On a final note The Diva of Talk PIA Shandel has returned to the airwaves. It seems she just can't get enough action on those City streets. Anyway Miss PIA, Welcome Back to CFUN!!!! By the way what happened to Shannon?

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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