Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside

Oh my god I can't believe the Vancouver Sun has put Jim Green in the Mayor's chair as a result of just over 150 people in Vancouver saying they think he would be a good Mayor.

The poll done by Strategic Communications of course is closely tied to the NDP of which Mister Green is a member.

And who commissioned the Poll folks? Could it have been Larry Campbell and Jim Green?

In her haste to promote Jim Green, Frances Bula, the Sun reporter doesn't even check any facts. Why she didn't articulate a poll sampling of three hundred people is very suspect and of course inaccurate. Of course this has nothing to do with Ms Bula' mother being an NDP member.

What is really interesting is that an award winning journalist in the upcoming municipal election is willing to play the role of Lap Dog!

That's a real Boner Ms Bula!!!

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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