Thursday, July 21, 2005


Underbelly News
Downtown Eastside


Councillor Tim Stevenson has decided not to pursue his legal challenge whereby the 71 votes which were not counted in the recent provincial election in Vancouver-Burrrard, which he wanted counted, now shouldn't be counted after all.

Some of you may re-call that Councillor Stevenson was carrying on in a very public way that his reason for challenging the result was because every citizen's vote should count and be counted. He was purportedly doing this for the sake of democracy and on behalf of the people.

Now he is abandoning his constituents and supposed values, in favour of his own personal interest. The NDP informed him they would only pay for his court challenge, if he was willing to continue and seek an NDP nomination if the courts deemed the election invalid.

Political strategists informed Mr Stevenson that the move was a risky one. Internal NDP sources confirm that if the election for that riding was declared invalid and a by-election held, many NDP members were expressing an interest in seeking the nomination. Rev Stevenson was not guaranteed a win and has decided to seek better odds. He plans again to seek re-election in this November's municipal election.

So much for Democracy and the People you stood up for hey Tim. I guess you have learned very well from your good ole buddy Jim Green how to practice Self-Interest Politics. Politics as Usual hey Tim!

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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