Wednesday, October 05, 2005


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Hi All

My campaign website has been launched. Please check it out.

As some of you may have heard well known American Draft Dodger Jim Green is apparently suing me and BC Conservative President RYAN WARAWA for libel.

Neither Ryan or myself have officially been served court documents. This is the typical Big Jim method of political intimidation,however, I don't think the public will accept this bullying.

Far too often the man with the big mouth from the south bullies his way around, usually taking what he wants. As a survivor of Jim Green's ways and I might add unorthodox employer/employee practices, let's just say he can't push me around.

Stay tuned folks as its going to be a very interesting municipal election.

Jamie Lee

And as for the Mayor now Senator, what an idiot he is.


At 11:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jamie Lee Hamilton told Xtra West the number of South Asian men allegedly involved in gaybashings is becoming too much.

“I think a lot of South Asian men are growing up and they’re hearing violence glorified in their temples and they’re perpetuating it," she further alleges.

What does a person's religion have anything to do with what they do on the street. How is violence glorified in temples? Have you ever been inside a temple and understood what was going on or what was being said for that matter? No religion in the world glorifies violence and for you to come out and state that temples are glorifing violence and this is causing people to hear it and then act on it is truly wrong. You call yourself a community activist but have no strong, concrete evidence behind this story but are just jumping to conclusions. Let the trial proceed and the information to come out. After all everyone is innocent until proven guilty, right?

At 7:27 AM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

Excuse me but one of their religious leaders Balwant Singh Gill said, " I hate homosexuals, it is unnatural and no major religion in the workd allows it".

Do you think statements such as this do not promote violence?

At 9:09 AM, Anonymous Kevin Dale McKeown said...

What a person learns from their religion has everything to do with how they behave in public. The glorification of violence among elements of the Sikh community (where the Indira Ghandi's assassins are revered as martyrs), and statements such as Balwant Singh Gill's (which were never retracted in the same mainstream media where they were made), are clear indications that there is deep rooted problems with violence and homophobia in this ethnic community, which need to be exposed and confronted at every opportunity.

That said, such glorification of violence and systemic homophobia are not unique to the Sikh culture. But an excess of concern for political correctness makes it easier to discuss these issues in the context of Christianity than any other religious tradition.


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