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October 28, 2005 - Jim Green, a big bully who is running for the mayor of Vancouver and is going to lose, is a piece of work. This week, Green actually invoked the Holocaust to make a cheap political point: not merely content to smear an opponent, he actually seemed to suggest that said opponent was analogous to a supporter of Hitler.

As one has written a book or two on this subject, I can say that neo-Nazism, Holocaust denial and related viruses are very real. To use them as clubs to beat an opponent is sick, and the worst kind of politics.

By doing so, Green disqualifies himself from public office. Or should.


At 8:32 PM, Anonymous Stephen said...

I take it by deleting my post earlier you have given up on my vote. All I did was ask what your alternative to the Four Pillars is.

At 10:07 PM, Anonymous typical jamie said...

constantly deleting posts like those out of her life she disagrees with

At 12:18 AM, Anonymous Stephen said...

I take it from your deletion of my earlier comment that you have given up on my vote. All I wanted to know was your alternative to the Four Pillars. I care about the DTES as I assume you do, and am interested in what you have to say in that regard.

At 9:02 AM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...


I have a position on the 4 Pillars on my website

Have you read it Stephen?

Plus as long as someone leaves a name and stays on topic, I respond to all posts.

If people go off on a tangent, personalizing attacks on me, or write anonymously,of course I delete these posts since they are meaningless.

At 3:52 PM, Blogger Brian said...

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At 10:18 PM, Anonymous Stephen said...

"1. Treatment ? Is treatment working? Why haven't there been evidence based outcomes as to treatment?
2. Harm Reduction ? Is the injection site working? If drug deaths are up, how is harm being reduced?
3. Enforcement ? Have the police calculated the cost of out how much time is put into policing the Downtown Eastside?
4. Prevention ? Where is the public education?""

From this, it sounds like you have a problem moreso with how it's been implemented, as opposed to having a problem with it in principle. Is that so?

For example, you know full well that harm reduction in principle has been proven to work in other cities, but believe it should be implemented better here. Would that be a good characterization of a refinement of your position?

And if you do oppose the Four Pillars in principle, again, what's your alternative?

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At 10:36 AM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...


My blog is not for personal debates. You know my position on the 4 Pillars. Accept it or Not. The choice is yours.

At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Stephen said...

With respect, your position on 4 pillars as expressed on your campaign website is thin and vague. I don't get a lot from it.

That said, it's up to you. You're a candidate running for office, and I as a citizen thought it would be reasonable to ask you some thoughtful challenging questions so I can have a clearer picture of exactly what your platform is.

Didn't mean to step on any toes.

At 4:51 PM, Anonymous Jamie uses people said...

Everything Jamie does and says is thin and vague, except for that waistline.

At 6:17 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

Hi Stephen

You haven't stepped on my toes. I believe we need to Revisit the 4 Pillars. I want to explore why the problems that I've mentioned are prevalent. I want to engage citizens, the police, health care workers, drug users and find out how we can address these deficiencies.

Are you supportive Stephen of the 4 Pillars as is?

At 8:03 PM, Anonymous Stephen said...

I'm supportive of the principles that they are based on, but agree that we need to put more resources into fulfilling the mandate, especially with respect to education and harm reduction.

As you say, enforcement or lack of it is a problem. The flip side of that is sometimes the police go overboard. The Pivot Legal Society released a report citing many instances in witch police have abused their power and maltreated citizens in the DTES. IMO, you can increase police presence in the DTES a thousand times, and it won't make a dimes worth of difference as long as the relationship with the people there is as poor as it is.

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