Tuesday, October 18, 2005



On the flu threats:

It is important to have some significant information to assist all of
personally as we face the threats of another serious flu. I am
forwarding articles written about the US scene with the U.S.
administration's recent threat of the use of military force to
exposed/infected individuals and communities. Be reminded that in
one new law following 9/11 (Bill C7) gives our Minister of Health
dictatorial powers to force vaccinations. There is no resort to
parliamentary discussion or approval, or opportunity for dissent on

The Canadian Action Party leadership is distributing some information
that candidates and members and contacts can think about the issue. You
wish to begin to look at alternative health measures of herbs and
to strengthen your immune systems in the event of any necessity.

First there is a letter to candidates from CAP Vice President
Whelan -Costen. She is responding to their responses to the material
sent to them which we now send to you.

I am broadcasting about this because it is all part of the new
regime we
now live in under the anti-terrorism laws. CAP is gravely concerned
the laws are an overreaction at best and a police state at worst. We
to ask why??

You will be hearing much more from me about the destruction of our
liberties over time.

The message I want to emphasis is that all of us need to take a steady
careful look at all the scare hype of the mainstream media and of our
leading politicians. Much has been written and said about "terrorism"
convince people to give up their liberties- although we were never
given a
chance to vote on these liberty-stripping laws. The same applies to
health issue. What I am urging is that we not let ourselves be duped

Connie Fogal, Leader CAP/PAC


At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Raj P Takhar said...

As noted above..forcing vaccinations of residents/citizens in Canada, in wake of the Bird flue scare by the federal government is the new measure of State Daddy gone beserk , in alls over gears!
First we thought spraying neighbourhoods by toxic/anti-disease related malaria scare was enough lessons learnt in Winnipeg.
Then came drinkable-water contamination with too much flouride, etc..to no availed lessons still un-learnt.
Now after buying 'Roche' patented..stocked national-shelf of this not-tested-extensively--- who knows...may-be a hoax vaccine, liable for far reaching health shortfall effects, is a so called good measure coaxing by (Dr.)..by proxy for hard work Minister Of health..Ujjal Liberal Dosanjh, after deflecting the onerous rise of pandemic for profit clinics mushrooming around every place in Canada, to drain public money for profiteers of public funded medicine, playing nurse is a good strategy of picketted care by choice.
Even the highest Court in the land cannot prompt good measure, to stop this sure privatization, bad religion mantra.. for gaining solid foothold, here after Shirley Douglas's earfulls.. even under a so called watch full eye of the Federal Health Ministry.
And now according to Connie Fogal, the Feds are getting arbitrary unchecked powers.
Thats a classic modus operandi of a fourth term extended stay in power blinded Liberals, who will do as they please to test the waters of who cares for unrested..Citizen dissent.
Human Rights can go to dogs !
I guess the excuse is..to combat disease in pro active gear !
Nice !
Another regressive protocoal to stay in place somehow, under scare tactics garbs of shabby-ness cloaked liberals!
Anything to stay un-quaranteened in the community for the obediant ones..I guess.
The birds get choked in a black plastic bags and simply put away.
We're better off as humans, EH ?
Not to mention bird landfills already enacted not long ago here in BC too !
Playing nurse Oh. Dr. Dosanjh, just to protect the citizenry, I gues ? NIce shell game !
What a blatant display of insanity.
The upper hemispheric cabinet of the minister or perhaps the whole country would be the book cover currated title for scandalous title for M/S. Fogal & Hurtig, a good way to sound the alarm.
Somebody fell in the Ottawa's Shower curtain staged washroom of this nation state, echoes in retreat.." I/We have fallen and I/We can't get Up !"
Call the alarm force Canada.
Para-Medics can take their sweet time to the nations' general Hospital, in case of hips twisted..sorry the wait is better than a months stay in the hallways of sanitised hospital hallways without beds, is the only surity bond.
Unless private clinic is a god send for that twisted midicare Hip !
Enough ain't enough the excuse folks ?
AIG States' assurance is a good lumber trade off , in between Brocolli , Rice and porridge, fables recited in shows costly to bear, or what ?..if not some flop-filled spilt hick ups as punctuated oratory mutual dialogue venue stagings side shows?
Any redress..before state sanctioned costly tax payer hostings for that PR related Us- Canada NAFTA thereafter..fiasco bondings..dodgery-dictates ?
Sounds like an extended stay course of all Shams' sponsorship Dingwall signature hypes !
I can volunteer my time for Justice gomery's renditioned verdict coming up soon..to save tax graces ! If not just to add some spice to the still to be published..Hurtig/Fogal co-currated tales of Liberal-treachery huggery-buggery delights best seller to be sure ! Just..before Newman smells the Liberal packed Canuck proportioned Coffe beans, inflated before tax cuts to fuel the fire of Canadian rage...before election writs ?
Sir Jack layton's NDP will never be undersold, across Canda..This I hope ..just in time.
Nabisco crackers are a USA..god send for all barbarians and morons in that capitalised gates of Hell, sure sounds alike dislikes ?
Take a clue, sleep walking gentry..the olympics will sure secretly stomp alls' podiums here on time after VISA's..pounds & dollars left senses in no-ever Green land of no manured lawn hogged-pastures prodded for all mad cows and humans here I hope !
Oh..pass that brown barf bag..NOW !....Whoops what a fill !

At 8:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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