Tuesday, October 11, 2005


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On October 11, 2005, Vancouver Sun reporter Frances Bula on the CKNW Mike Smyth show had a number of as Allen Garr says lip slips.

For starters she stated that the DERA Missing Funds occur ed 23 years ago. In actual fact, the DERA Missing funds happened in 1992 which I believe is 13 years ago.

Then Ms Bula went on to claim that Yes this money did go Missing at DERA but Jim Green was never implicated.

Again Frances Bula is way off her mark because the employees at DERA went on a Wildcat strike demanding the return of one Jim Green who disappeared when all hell broke loose over the Missing funds at DERA. In fact if anyone really wants the straight goods on this matter I'm sure the former President of CUPE 1004, Dave Long, who represented the DERA workers during their Wildcat Strike, would be happy to fill people in.

The Implication from the DERA employees was that there was more than two Employees involved in the $20,000 Missing Funds at DERA and they wanted to bring this to light.

So there is the spoken truth.

And not to worry Frances Bula, I can teach you the art of LypSyncing so these LipSlips don't occur too frequently.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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