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Attending all candidate meetings can be like going to a Movie. Its either real bad acting, dull, funny and comedic or entertaining. Take your pick.

Monday, November 7, 2005 on the campaign trail was interesting. First off my campaign workers and I went to the Mayoral debate at the Roundhouse Community Centre. My workers donned Feather Boas for the occasion since this debate was sponsored by XtraWest and the Gay Lesbian Business Association.We of course wanted to be colourful and we were.

Luckily the schmozzing in the foyer pre the meeting with other candidates was fun since, there was a dismal turn-out for this event. It could have been because Xtra and the GLBA decided to feature only two Mayoral candidates and no Council candidates. As I mentioned I had a good time mixing with Mayoral candidate, James Green--not to be confused with Jim green and Council candidates; Ellen Woodsworth and Bev Ballantyne. Even the Rev Councillor Tim Stevenson wasn't in attendance but thankfully for me Park Board Candidate, Jenn McGinn was. This Gal is amazing. I'm voting for her!

Next up, was the Hastings Community Centre Council debate. This was fun since the neighborhood was charged up and ready to spill blood over certain Councillors reckless betrayals of their neighborhood. Of course, had Councillor Jim Green, Raymond Louie and Rev Councillor bothered to show up, high drama would likely have unfolded. But Green, Louie and Stevenson opted out rather than facing the music. The crowd warmly welcomed all the candidates present, but reserved their loudest applause for Independent Candidates Kevin Potvin and Myself.

The highlight of the evening was when Park Commissioner and NPA Council candidate, Suzanne Anton informed me that her official Campaign photos have been touched-up. In her own words, Councillor Anton said, "do you see how there are no lines around my face. We doctored them with photoshop". Amazing Ms Anton, keep it up but if elected to council, please be careful with Altering any official documents dear!

Later after the meeting my friends, Ryan, Danielle, Tasha, Ron and I headed over to Penny Chinese Restaurant for some delicious food.

A remarkable night at the movies, er I mean on the campaign trail.

Jamie Lee Hamilton


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