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Vancouver Civic News
November 2, 2005

Hamilton calls for civic candidates to state their position on prostitution law reform

VANCOUVER - Jamie Lee Hamilton, longtime sex trade advocate and independent council candidate, claims outgoing Mayor Larry Campbell's plan for a red-light district is disingenuous.

"Three years ago Mayor Campbell was given the opportunity to address sex trade safety issues and demonstrate vision on this issue; however, he instead chose to run from the problem. For Campbell, in the dying days of his mandate, to pretend he has concern for sex trade workers is baffling. In January 2005, Mayor Campbell wrote a letter to Pivot Legal Society stating he supported selective enforcement measures to address the need to get prostitutes out of the sex trade. Moreover, Campbell, in this same letter stated he was supportive of a Jane School (reform school) for Prostitutes", states Ms Hamilton.

Vancouver's Queen Of Hearts claims a red-light district would resemble a throwback to the bad old days - when natives, the poor, and the downtrodden were "ghettoized" in certain districts and dumped on useless land without any resources. Hamilton adds, placing everyone together in a certain area makes it easier to be targeted.To back up her claim, Hamilton highlights the horrific killings at the Pickton pig farm, as well as the stalking and torture that a serial sadist inflicted on over 50 women from the Downtown Eastside in 2003.

Ms Hamilton also questions why the leader of Vision Vancouver didn't present his opinions to the Parliamentary Committee on Solicitation when it was in Vancouver last spring.

Vancouver's Queen Of Hearts has long championed the need for safety for sex trade workers and presented her viewpoints to the Standing Committee on Solicitation on March 29, 2005. Hamilton called for the de-decriminalization of prostitution - including the elimination of sections 210 and 213 of the Criminal Code, which most experts have agreed has placed communities and prostitutes in harm's way, rather than protecting them.

"I have also lobbied heavily for the creation of a Sex Trade Advocate to be hired by the City. In fact, council endorsed in a 9 to 1 vote on February 15, 2005 to have the city manager bring forward a report on the feasibility of the City hiring a Sex Trade Advocate. This report was to come before council by September 2005 but hasn't yet seen the light of day," claims Ms Hamilton.

Hamilton wonders how sincere and committed Vision Vancouver?s candidates are on prostitution safety and reform - considering their leader's conflicting statements and the stalling of the City Hall staff report. It is time for the new leader of Vision Vancouver and mayoralty candidate, Jim Green, to address these apparent discrepancies and clearly state what Vision's position is on prostitution law reform. I further call on all council candidates to state their position on this important issue, concluded Hamilton.



Jamie Lee Hamilton, Vancouver City Council Candidate
Phone: 604-781-3361


At 4:05 PM, Anonymous Bill said...

Am I right in assuming you think you should be the one who would be hired as a sex trade advocate for the city?

And how come your write in second person?

At 8:54 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

No Bill I do not write in the second person. What you are seeing or reading is a press release.

Actually Constable Dave Dickson of the VPD is the individual I am promoting for the Advocate position.

Jamie Lee


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