Tuesday, November 29, 2005


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An Open Letter to the Prime Minister

With the dissolving of parliament this morning Mr. Prime Minister, the races now begin all over the country to determine who our next MP's will be.

And without question, the citizens living in Canada's poorest postal code have the most to lose and most to gain regarding who our next representative will be.

Sir, in Vancouver-East, many pundits believe Libby Davies has a lock on the riding she has held since 1997. Perhaps, but perhaps not and this is why the Liberal Party of Canada shouldn't be afraid of providing a strong candidate to challenge her. We need serious, thoughtful and provocative debate of the serious problems within our riding.

For starters, Van-East encompasses the Downtown Eastside neighborhood which as you know has spiralled into a ghetto. Once a blue-collar neighborhood with strong family values and great pride, the abundant jobs have been replaced by crime and drugs as the number one industry down here. The end result has altered a once functional working class neighborhood into a dysfunctional community rife with serial killers and predators.

1500 children are growing up in the Downtown Eastside and their future looks bleak. Its unacceptable for children's playgrounds to be littered with discarded needles, strung out junkies and parasitic drug traffickers.

In the Downtown Eastside, while NDP'rs like Libby Davies and Jim Green promote Woodwards as the salvation for the neighborhood's woes, the line-ups at the soup kitchens and foodbanks continue to grow bigger and bigger. People need Jobs not Hand-Outs.

35% of the population in the Downtown Eastside is aboriginal, yet only 2% of social housing has been earmarked for this population. HIV and AIDS rates in the Aboriginal population are soaring and equal those rates found in third world countries like Botswana and South Africa. It goes without saying the aboriginal community in Van-East has been particularly hard hit by poverty.

And Libby Davies, the MP, while a caring individual, believes representation is based merely on speaking out. All the Speaking Out in the world won't help if there isn't Action to back it up. You can talk the talk but its quite another matter to Walk the Walk.

This is why, Prime Minister Martin, I call on you to offer up a strong Liberal candidate for Van-East. Its important that the riding gets to debate these serious issues between two strong challengers. I don't want the Liberals to place a throw-away candidate in our riding. Our riding deserves better.

There is no question that Libby Davies is popular in Van-East. But is this popularity enough to change the horrendous conditions for people of Van-East?

My belief is we need to provide solutions to the problems here in Van-East. We can start by having two serious contenders compete to be our representative. Ms Davies as the incumbent should have her feet held to the fire. The looming question is what has she delivered for the citizens of Van-East? Passion without people productivity results in nothing meaningful for the neighborhood.

Mr. Prime Minister the next move is yours. I believe there is a strong candidate out there who could challenge Davies. He is Aboriginal and a former Union Leader. He is not a career politician. He really in my opinion, represents the fine traditions of Van-East.

I ask you to contact Mr. Dave Haggard and entice him to run in Van-East. Throw resources into the riding. After all you can be assured that Mr. Layton will be throwing unlimited resources toward the campaign of Ms Davies.

By offerring up Mr. Haggard, you are providing hope for the people of Canada's poorest postal code. We deserve your intervention. Please act now Mr. Prime Minister. The direction of this Country is at stake. If Van-East loses so does the rest of Canada.

Jamie Lee Hamilton
Lifelong Resident of Van-East


At 11:24 PM, Anonymous treetop said...

Jamie, just thought I'd mention you dis-allowing my last comment...

I see you now monitor comments before they are posted.. thanks for not posting my last one. I never insulted your persona, just your weak political views.

At 11:50 PM, Anonymous David said...

Mr. Haggard is just too decent a man to be used by Paul "flag of convenience" Martin.

Hope there is a Liberal leadership convention SOON after Martin's DEFEAT in January, so Marissen and all of those other sycophants will have to suck their thumbs alone.

What a shame. A decent party shipwrecked by a leader that lacks a moral compass.

May the ghost of Pearson come back and kick Cap'n Martin in his salty balls.

At 10:43 AM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...

Hi David

You seem to like the Liberal Party and especially David Haggard. I'm hopeful Mr. Haggard will run in this election because as you point out, he really is a decent, hardworking man.

You obviously have a distaste for the party leader and you are entitled to your opinion.

Mr. Marrisen is an Organizer for the party and as such accepts criticism.

As one who has been on the other end of criticism, I too understand the need for politicos to let this criticism sink in or slide off. We all need to do this. This is what makes us humane.

Jamie Lee

At 2:10 PM, Blogger Jamie Lee Hamilton said...


Thank You for understanding why I could not allow your rant which was all over the map taking potshots at different political leaders who had nothing to do with the original post of mine.

In future please take the time to be on subject, otherwise your comments are weak and as such do not provide appropriate discourse to the debate, nor to my readers.

Jamie Lee


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